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I read all the polls by the trade press on online retailing, that coupled with comments on OptiBoard,  I hear the frustration from optical staff, I listen to owners thinking that online sellers are not effecting them and most importantly the general attitude of ‘I don’t know what to do about it.’ . I am here to tell you  there are solutions on how you can compete against online eyewear and contact lens retailers. I figure you have several choices:

1.) Ignore and think it will go away.

2.) Use Social Media and location SEO to drive consumers into your office.

3.) Set up your own buy on online store

4.) Hook up with with your competition and build a back end store

5.) Hook up with Zip Eyewear an independent online resource that sends the patient back to the independent eyecare provider, who provides much of the above. Zip Eyewear is the only online company that does this.

6.) So some or all of the above.

We have posted about Zip Eyewear before, and they are finally out of beta-testing and ready to do business, good news for consumers and good news for eyecare professionals, because their purpose is to capture the consumer and drive the consumer into your store for fittings and specialty products. I look at it this way- Consumers are going to go online to shop, their friends brag about the ‘good deal’ they got and how little it cost them. But most people want the personal touch, to feel special, to know their glasses will fit right. That is the benefit of Zip Eyewear- the consumer will feel they got a good deal and still gets the personal touch of the the office. How great is that!

They partnered with Jobson’s Frames database online, in which the consumer can pick out eyewear pay for it and then Zip Eyewear makes a recommendation on which local eyecare provider to go see. If you think they are not going to send back; On the front page:

Are you worried about ordering your prescription eyewear online? Above all, your vision is most important. ZipEyewear is here to help.

Order your glasses at, and have them made at a local optical shop. The days of poorly made, Internet eyewear headaches are over.

Site to Sight combines the best of online and traditional retail eyewear shopping. Get started, and find your new glasses today.

Here is what I think- you may not know what to do or are ready to make the jump to an online store. Try them out first and see what happens to your sales. No need to add anything to your website unless you want to, no need to stock products, no need to worry about tweeting and Facebook. What do you have to lose?

To be listed on the site, please contact them at Zip Eyewear

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