Ya Think Luxury Isn’t Selling: Maison Martin Margiela Sunglasses




This picture has sat in our drafts since last summer, because I couldn’t quite decide what to do with it. Maison Martin Margiela sunglass collection was a very ‘hot’ item all last summer and was sold through luxury stores and boutiques. I had never heard of this line, but apparently they work with Marcolin for exclusive products for the Maison Martin Margiela Collection. (Their website is weird too). I’m sharing this with you just in case one of your patients asked for the product or comes in with this Paris Hilton outfit on-(LOL) at least you will know where they got the sunglasses from.

Here is my opinion: These sunglasses retail for about $400, you cannot RX them, they are strictly a fashion accessory, and people were plopping down $400 for a pair of sunglasses and they were selling out! My point being- NEVER, NEVER prejudge your patients or customers. You never know what they are going to buy and want. Would I wear these? Probably because I love different glasses- I wouldn’t pay $400 because I’m in the industry and would expect a huge discount. Sunglass Fanatics are not all celebrities (who get for free in swag bags!) I know of quite a few people who collect sunglasses (Shirley being one) That said- luxury is still selling, never prejudge and always assume the customer wants more than one pair of anything!

parishilton_margielasunglasses Paris Hilton wearing L’Incognito Maison Martin Margiela Sunglass ($390) The outfit is quite stunning as well (LOL) – maybe I’m just jealous, because I wish I had the body to wear an outfit just like hers.

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  1. I love these kind of articles. They show what is possible. It’s a NICHE’ business climate today. Trading up is necessary…not just in frames…but ALL eyecare products. I used to work for a maven in the men’s designer clothing business in Cincy, BoB Elkus, he owned high end shops & was the Barney’s or Louis of the midwest. He would say & teach me things like ” Jamie, if I don’t make it expensive enough, my customers will think there is something wrong with it”!! Or, when buying clothing he would say ” Jamie, I may not sell this, but need it in my window”!! Another great quote ” Jamie, when the customers come in asking for the brand by name-now I know the other shops in town have the same thing…I’ve lost my edge …now I need to find other brands that no one has ever heard of.” And he would go the NY or Europe or Magic show & work to find those new exciting collections that no one else had. It was all about being different & gross margins, I remember he was the 1st retailer to have his own music made for inside his shop. He did not want his customers hearing other retailer’ commercials while people were shopping in his shop!! It took more work & time to do this…but it was these things got the celebrities…ballplayers, musicians, lawyers, doctors, pimps & the average Joe, who also wanted to separate himself with FASHION This was 35 years ago & lessons that I use on a daily basis. Thank God for mentors!! I

  2. You are so right! I have a little customer who is 70+ and she comes in every few months to check our our newest sunglasses. Her husband bought her a little rolling suitcase for her glasses when they travel! She has at least 75 pair! Some w/reading, some plano. Price range is at $350 – $1150. In South Dakota no less! Who says we don’t know fashion in South Dakota!

  3. When I was working for Neostyle I had a rep who loved to do trunk shows- one time a lady who kept horses and cows came in and bought over $2,000 worth of glasses to ride her horses and milk the cows!

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