Greening Your Office


Just an FYI-

Half (50.8%) of U.S. workers say their company has a significant initiative such as carpooling and recycling, but most report being cynical about their employer’s motivation for going green, according to the American Workplace Poll, conducted by Zogby International and released by The Marlin Company.

The poll surveyed 755 U.S. workers and asked why they think companies go green. Nearly one fourth (24.1%) said companies went green to save money? 22% said they did it to garner positive publicity, 17.4% cited social responsibility as the motivation, 14.1% said they did it to be politically correct, and 12.9% said that companies were going green as a way to counteract rising energy prices.

Moreover, most workers said their employer lagged behind themselves in going green. Sixty-three percent said that they were greener than their companies. And 77.7% of U.S. workers said it was important for them to have an employer that was going green in asignificant way.

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