Top 5 Reasons to Green Your Office


By now, you may think that ‘Going Green’ is the latest Trend, the new Black, you are already over it. You may think it’s hard work, it doesn’t effect you, these old hippies once again trying to change the world!  Maybe you don’t care, thinking this is a trend that will go away like last year’s PRADA bag. Think again, it’s not going away, because we cannot afford to continue the way we are. Whether it’s taxpayer money picking up litter, cleaning up toxic waste, water rationing, increasing our dependence on oil, looking at alternative energy, closing landfills- it all cost money and you the taxpayer pay. 

So even if you don’t care about the environment, I am sure you care about your bottom line. Because Going Green can save you Money! 

Why should you embrace Sustainability?

#1 Reason: Embracing sustainability is the right thing to do.

#2 Reason. It’s Risk Free. You will eventually have to go green, to remain compliant with laws. Why not start now?

#3 Reason: Improve operational efficiently- I mean how hard is to turn off the lights?

#4. Reason: Reduce Environmental Impact. How bad can that be?

#5 Reason: Enhances marketability. Did you know that a survey by GFK Roper consulting found that 79% of a companies environmental practices influenced their buying decisions? Based upon that statistic wouldn’t it make sense to become a sustainable office now, before your competition does?

How to Green your Office? Start Simple

Step #1 Call for an energy audit. Every energy company will come out for free and give you energy recommendation.

Step #2 Have a staff meeting. It is always advisable to have buy- in from your staff.

Step #3) Make of list of what is achievable now.

  • Turn off Computers at night
    • Turn off lights
    • Unplug appliances not in use.
    • Change the light- bulbs.
    • Place recycle bins in every room
    • Come up with ways to reduce and Reuse.

Step #4 Put up a sign in your office:

‘Our office has made a commitment to the environment. We appreciate your understanding as we try to go paperless, minimize our water-usage and recycle as much as we can. We welcome your input, and thank you for your support in this important life change. ‘

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