Winning Windows- The Road Less Traveled


You may remember we have done posts on Store Within a Store retail merchandising. One of the Store within a Store concepts is to appeal to seasonal events such as vacation travel. You may remember we did a post on setting up a Vacation In A Box Travel Kit or list.

Jeff Anshel OD in Carlsbad, California is fortunate to have Alexis who does his windows. He just sent us her updated windows which goes right along with encouraging your patients to come in for their vacation travel needs.


So where do you get the supplies? Triple AA has tons of posters, maps and brochures. Any travel agency will have the same thing. The cars are toys (can be easily reused) You may even have some old pictures from places you have gone. Lay them down with appropriate eyewear and accessories.


He has big windows, but any of these displays can be used in small spaces.


If you do have a window, make sure you put up a sign: Don’t forget to see the sights, be prepared, have your spare with you..


Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. The Road Less Traveled Windows from Dr. Anshel’s office in Carlsbad, CA.
    I don’t see the photo-was it accidentally omitted?
    Please send to
    Does Alexis, who designs Dr. Anshel’s office/store windows, have a website?

  2. Hi LInda
    We were experienced technological difficulties due to an upgrade! How fun is this. Alexis actually works for Techtran and does this for them
    You should be able to view the images now!

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