Window Shopping And Eyecare Professionals


People notice window displays, they notice the displays in your optical office, they notice if they are faded and dusty. Displays whether on the street or in your office are a form of entertainment and a form of education.

The Value Of Window Displays

Noticing the Windows, they will notice the store and noticing the store will bring remembrance.

If Window Displays are changed on a regular basis, people will look forward to viewing and always look to see what is new

Your optical office will become a part of daily lives, it is a part of their routine, they will look forward to seeing it.

People may not buy what is in the window, but they will think about it and what your product represents.

Questions To Ask Your When Creating A Window Display

What Do Your Windows Say?

Who are Your Customers? Who are you appealing to?

More  Stuff Equals Less Value

You don’t need to throw the kitchen sink into the window, Many times you only need to showcase one item.  Consumer perception = “that lots of stuff” = “low prices” (think Marshalls vs. Neiman Marcus)

  • Color Sells-Putting together a window or any display find the best color combination that work together. Go to local paint store and use their color swatches if you don’t have a good eye for color.
  • Use Angles – Angles direct the eye to area to area. Using angles make sure one of the angles points to your front door and don’t use too many angles it’s too confusing for the customer. Think Triangle.
  • Use Lighting to showcase prime items.
  • Pick A Theme – Don’t stick every new item in the display. New products can either be made into another display in a prime area in the store.
  • Plan your Windows- Know in advance holidays and events and products for winter.


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