Win Free Nights In New York For Vision Expo East 2019!

Win 3 Free nights at Vision Expo East from The Optical Vision Site and The Vision Council

The Optical Vision Site and Vision Expo are giving you a chance to win Three (3) Free Nights in New York City and a free Exhibit Hall pass to attend Vision Expo East. All it takes is five (5) minutes of your time to make a comment below on this topic:

  • Why you want to attend Vision Expo East 2019.

Comments need to be posted no later than 12 Noon EST on Friday, February 8th, 2019. The winner will be selected on February 12, 2019, and notified by email.

Vision Expo East will take place at the Javits Center in New York City from classes March 21 to 24 and the Exhibit Hall opening on March 22nd. Vision Expos are the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conferences in the world as well as the best value of all for continuing education with over 300 hours of classes to choose from.

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  1. I’ve been in this profession for 22 years now. Worked in corporate and private practice and have always wanted to make it to Vision Expo but still never have yet. I’m continually looking to expand my knowledge as well as contacts throughout the eye care profession. I am a NYS licensed optician and do all the frame buying for my office. I would love the opportunity to go to Vision Expo East. Thank you

  2. I have been in the optical profession for 10 years and in November I went on my first mission trip where we dispensed 2200 pairs of glasses to people in need in Honduras. Since then, my passion for the industry has increased and I continue to seek experiences and opportunities in which I feel fulfilled. I feel that the knowledge that I gain doing the courses offered at Expo this will help me in feeling fulfilled as well as my interest in the fashionable aspect of the industry in one of the most fashionable cities in the world!

  3. I’ve been 15 years in the field, from big box to exclusive boutique. I have trained, taught apprentice opticians in Virginia, helped run a team in Honduras. But never been to the meca of trade shows. I am excited to be a leader in the industry, to push growth, to develop those round me and build upon my skills.

  4. I would love to be a part of such an amazing social gathering of people who have the same interests as myself. I have only been an optician for 4 years now and have always wanted to attend the Expo. I have a drive to learn everything about this beautiful industry and to keep up with all of the technology and trends; It would be so amazing to see how these change in different parts of the world. Sharing stories of all of our optical experiences with one another would be an experience to remember and cherish.

  5. At age 10 I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Being as it’s icy as heck here in Kansas City, I remember a snow day as a kid being that moment when combined with sledding down the neighborhood hill into oncoming traffic, it also meant whipping out the show shovel to hustle and make some cash. The feeling of knocking on that door and closing a sale was electrifying. Today, the same applies in my optometry and optical lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur means always exploring and networking. How do you find that time to breathe? Fortunately, breathing means always digging deeper into optical topics and embracing the technology Al Gore gave us…. Kidding. But seriously, every time I visit Expo, I look for a way to develop the next big technology that will give opticians an avenue to keep enjoying their careers. Some people want it easy, some people want to be handed the deck of cards, but I want to develop the deck through 100% dedication and research. I’m in the optical longhaul journey. Please consider my entrepreneurial journey so I can give back to the community that has treated me with open arms so graciously so far.

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