Win Free Nights In Las Vegas At Vision Expo West 2018


This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. The Optical Vision Site and Vision Expo are giving you a chance to win Three (3) Free Nights in Las Vegas and a free Exhibit Hall pass to attend Vision Expo West. All it takes is five (5) minutes of your time to make a comment on this topic:

  • Why you want to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with us

Comments need to be posted no later than 12 Noon on Friday, August 10th, 2018. The winner will be selected on August 16th, 2018 and notified by email.

Vision Expo West will take place at Sands Expo in Las Vegas from September 26 to 29, with the Exhibit Hall opening on September 27. Vision Expos are the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conferences in the world as well as the best value of all for continuing education with over 300 hours of classes to choose from.

Register for free today at or click here to learn more. Read the complete contest rules here.

Not all comments will win. Winner will be selected by Vision Expo. Comments received after 12:00 PM ET August 10, 2018, will not be eligible for this promotion. Show management to choose and book hotel accommodations at an official Show hotel.

Enter by adding your reason for wanting to attend
Vision Expo West below!

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  1. I love attending Vision Expos generally but I always enjoy Las Vegas more. For me it’s a wonderful city to go for short holidays. Moreover the exhibitors I deal with prefer Las Vegas.

  2. Las Vegas is a very fun city to visit, vacation, and holiday… and if im gonna learn a new thing or two at Vision Expo, even the better! Shoot two birds with the same stone. Eases the business with a lot of pleasure!

  3. I have attended Vision Expo East for the past 11 years – I’ve never missed a show since beginning my career in Optics. Winning a trip to Vegas to attend the West show would benefit my optical shop and career, of course, but it would also benefit Vision Expo and the Brands that exhibit! Many of the brands can tell you how many ideas, comments, promotions, and insight I give them each Expo. Since the Opticians, Owners, and Optometrists have the face to face time with the general public we understand the pulse and buying habits that reports and numbers simply can’t give a company. I have been intereviewed at least four times with different trade magazines for my ideas and insights into the industy. Considering I own and operate a one shop location in the Philadelphia suburbs – I would consider that a big contribution. Last month I became a top ten HUB location for the Roger Bacon 3D Eyewear line. Attending the West Show would allow me to promote the optical industry withIN the optical industry! Talk about a match made in heaven. Lacey + Vision Expo West = Perfect Together.

  4. I would love to attend the Vision Expo west because it gives me an opportunity to learn and see more development in technology and treatment plan, celebrating with Vision Expo as they turn 30 would also be wonderful because it will bring into focus all the innovative advancement that has been made in the optical field over the years. Besides, it’s Vegas!

  5. I have been in the industry for 40 years.I have gone to Vision Expo East and Vision Expo West many times. By far Vision Expo West is the best!!!!!. The event center is easy to navigate, beautifully laid out, just top notch. The seminars offered are always interesting with up to date topics and knowledgeable speakers. I have never been disappointed when I attend Vision Expo West. It has always rejuvenated my passion for my craft and I can’t wait to bring what I have learned back to the office.

    Unfortunately, I am in a transition period(moving back east from the mid west) at the moment and am on the fence about attending the Expo this year. Funds are a little tight at the moment. Hotel, classes and flight cost would be a little rough for me this year.

    Winning this contest would enable me to attend, sharpen my skills, so maybe I can realize my dream and open my own optical back east.

  6. I have worked in the optical field since 1994 and have gone to the expos many times . Even when I’m employer has not required me go nor paid for any expense , I have always attended. I felt that it was important to see all the new products and vendors. It is important that we know all about the industry we represent. Our patients deserve it. It would be an honor to win this contest . Regardless I will be in attendance. And I am very excited to see what vision expos 2018 has to showcase once again.

  7. I have been in practice for 27 years and remember when Vision Expo was in Anaheim, CA. For the past several years I have been taking my staff on a business trip/mini vacation to Vision Expo West. We all look forward to this annual trip as time to learn more about the industry, meet with colleagues, and plan the year ahead. Coming from Hawaii, this is an expensive expense to begin with but for some reason, the flights during this week has increased MORE THAN 50%! I have usually secured our flights and hotel by now, but this year I am still debating. Going to Asia is cheaper than going to Vision Expo West in Las Vegas! Winning this contest would take a big expense out and make Vision Expo West more attainable this year.

  8. Visoin Expo West turns 30! I would not miss this chance to celebrate such an amazing accomplishment. I have been going to VEW well over 15 years and would be proud to celebrate it this year. With the end of the year approaching, I love seeing all the new frame designs and load up frames and supplies for our patients as they use insurance before the year end or use their flexible spending. The energy in Vegas is unlike any other conference I have been to. Viva Las Vegas is well and alive and with the night life, it makes it an all day and night experience to remember. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!!

  9. I attended last year and took away valuable information that I have been utilizing in my career. I would love to attend for the second time and pick up where I left off from last year. Happy 30th Vision Expo! Here’s to 30 more!!

  10. My husband and I are both optometrists. We had the opportunity to attend Vision Expo West last year for the first time! We are looking forward to coming again this year. The variety of classes offered surpass any other conference we’ve attended! The Expo was incredible and we brought so many new practice management and optical stategies back to our practice. We are excited to attend the 30 year anniversary and look forward to even more of what the show and curriculum will have to offer!!

  11. Happy Birthday Vision Expo West! This event is such a great opportunity to connect with other professionals, learn about new products, look, touch and feel equipment before purchasing and much more. On the few occasions that we have not been able to make the trip to attend VEW, I felt a loss at missing the professional growth possibilities that are always a part of this conference. Here’s to 30 more years!

  12. Hi… I like so much Las Vegas City, I love Vision Expo, is a good place for make good business deals, Is a little more than Vision Expo East, and that’s the reason that makes me choose Vision Expo West. You can see everything in two days and makes deals on third day.
    Thank you
    Rubén Colón

  13. Happy birthday Vision Expo West ! Thank you for keeping up to date. I remember when you were just a newborn at Anaheim C.C. and you gave me such an amount of wisdom while I was still at school. Now we both had grown up and have been delighted by your shows, courses, presentations, well everything on you. I wish to attend this year under your patronage, so I may sing along with you the birthday celebration !

  14. Vision Expo has never failed to be the most valuable and enjoyable industry experience…thousands of like-minded, highly motivated, professional, interesting people focused on vision…and fun. Whether it be the first of the 30th…it’s a must!

  15. As a young professional just entering the optical world, Vision Expo was a proper education into the beautiful, technical, innovative world of optics. I can’t wait to celebrate the hardwork of 30 years with everyone involved.

  16. I attended Vision Expo West for the first time last year and it will definitely not be the last time. As an optometry student, I learned a lot from the exhibitors about the industry and had a great time talking to them. I hope to continue making more connections with people I meet at Vision Expo. Las Vegas, in general, is always a fun place to be and the fun continues at the expo as well.

  17. Vision Expo is a great staff motivator. My staff blew out the financial goals we set to pay for the whole office to attend this year. We are super excited to check out all of the great independent frame lines in the Suites and on the floor, talk with the designers, learn about the new advances in equipment, party with our reps and even take a few CE courses.

  18. My first vision to Vision Expo west was in 2016. I was about to open my first Optical on my own even though I had been in the Optical business for over 25 years already. I was looking for product that not everyone in our small city already carried. I met so many wonderful people and made some great contacts with some awesome suppliers. I also attended a bunch of the seminars and it gave me a refreshing perspective on the industry I had been a part of for so long. I felt so energized after the expo. New businesses are a little bumpy in the beginning so we were not able to attend in 2017 but we are definitely headed back this year and can’t wait. My partner and I are even getting married in Las Vegas on the Wednesday night before the show starts. We are looking forward to meeting our existing suppliers and finding a couple new ones as well. September can’t come soon enough for us, we are looking forward to celebrating Vision Expo’s 30th anniversary, attending some seminars, seeing new products and having some FUN!

  19. In 2016 I attended my first Vision Expo West trip. I learned so much in all of the classes that I took. I learned even more from actually stopping at the booths and speaking to representatives from labs and other frame companies. The office I was with even decided to buy the optic ham and upgraded other equipment after I learned more and suggested we did so. There are so many other frame companies out there that we don’t get to see in Ohio. It was wonderful actually getting to meet people I talk to you on the phone in person. I really enjoyed the fashion show as well. I would love to get back to the vision Expo this year and I’ll be highly grateful. I’m officially taking my test to become licensed in two weeks it would be a wonderful gift to go.

  20. As a 2nd year Optometry student, attending Vision Expo in Las Vegas would be an incredible experience for me! Not only will I learn more about the upcoming advances in our field by attending different talks, but I also would like to leave an impression on exhibitors. Events like Vision Expo allow Optometrists and students like myself to give feedback about what we are looking for in products and equipment to make practicing more efficient and unique. Attending Expo West would also allow me to make connections and build relationships with others in the industry – and what better place to do that than a city like Las Vegas!

  21. Its been a couple of years since I attended my first (and only) VEW with my employer, but with the introduction of the Opticon classes, I decided to send myself this year so I can use my time on CE for my ABO that is new and relevant to the changing market. I also plan on sitting my ABO Advanced, so the refresher courses will be a good cram session before the exam!

  22. Why I want to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with you is because #dreams do happen at #VisionExpo and Dreams do come true. I am an optometrist because my dad had vision problems growing up in a poor country where He had to travel to have eye surgery on my birthday at 8 yrs old. Since then I wanted to do something about that. I became an optometrist to save my Dad’s vision but it was too late. So now 2017 was my first year in private practice which I named after him. De’Cordova Eyewear, I always wanted something bigger than my self to help kids and others that have vision problems and I want it to represent my hope of a better vision and sight. 2017 my flight ticket was cancelled by a 3rd party a few days before my trip however I never gave up and went. OH MY 2017 Vision EXPO was all about wishes coming to life. I obtained all my need list for my new, new private practice. 2018 it would be an honor to have all my wish list and dreams come true. I live to live for others. I work hard not becuase I need to get more money but because we do make a difference in vision, eyecare and all that we do as professionals and the eye care world. I love vision expo it allows me also to dream BIG!!! To See and do things different like never before. I AM YOUR GIRL!!
    Vision Expo is a Disney Play ground were Dreams Do come True.

  23. To intimately share with the leaders of our industry and learn what’s new and exciting is my reason to be at the celebration of 30 years of incredible change and hardwork that effectively services millions with protecting their God given ability to see. When it all comes down to it somewhere In all of us is the hunger to help others in reference to their eyesight, It’s why we do what we all do. We have a wonderful industry filled with incredible human beings and professionals and to have so many in one place is intriguing and frankly something I find pretty awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be there? Count me in!

  24. I have never been to Vision Expo so I am pumped to have the opportunity to go this year! I live in a town of 1,300 people, so we often don’t get thought about in the big picture, but I feel like I make a huge difference to the people who live here because I am the only optician in our town! I am excited to learn everything I can and bring it back to small town USA and share and implement the knowledge I gain from the experience. As a mom of 3 I am also looking forward to having some fun adult time!

  25. My girlfriend and I have been together for over 4 years but haven’t ever been on vacation together. When I had eye surgery she helped nurse me back to health, she is my rock, my love, my life. She does so much for me I want to be able to give back to her. My girlfriend loves sunglasses, it’s her favorite accessory and she even covers the Vision Expo every time it comes to NYC, she would love to attend #VisionTurns30. It’s our dream to go to Vegas together please help me make this happen. I want to be able give back something to her; she works so hard and is so selfless; she even helped raise over 5 million dollars for pediatric cancer patients through her job. She works so hard and never gets a break or a chance to go on vacation, please help me give her something I can’t afford that she well-deserves.

  26. My husband and I excitedly anticipated attending VEW in 2017. We have always gone to VEE because we live in Florida and our daughter works in Manhattan. However, !plans were dashed when Mother Nature decided that we should stay on the east coast, AKA, Hurricane Irma! Irma hit on the Monday before VEW and our practice and home were without power. We had to cancel our trip to LV and were really disappointed. I’m not sure I can talk my husband/business partner into traveling west in September, but if we had our hotel paid for he couldn’t resist! It would be amazing to get a West Coast point of view for our optical and enjoy the fantastic continuing education for two optometrists. (BTW the Sands Hotel was awesome about refunding our prepaid hotel fees and Vision Expo transferred our CE credit to VEE – NICE!)

  27. My last two Vision Expo events have been at Vision Expo East and I’m ready to make a return to Las Vegas. There’s something about the desert and the bright lights of The Strip that is exciting and yet relaxing. On the professional front, I enjoy and value the quality of Vision Expo education and the opportunity to network with colleagues and classmates from optometry school.

  28. I have made 18 in a row!!!! Not gonna stop now!! And IT IS VEGAS!! Also my first year as a vendor as well!! Stop by my Booth: Color My World/Colorblind Glasses

  29. I want to attend Vision Expo West 2018 & celebrate #visionturns30 because I will finally get to meet up with one of my classmates I haven’t seen in 24 years!! I am making her go (I promised I’d see Donny & Marie with her!).

    I haven’t been back to Vegas for so many years, wanting to hear slot machines, watch a show, stay out late and not have my daily responsibilities of my normal life. This will be the first year I don’t have to drive my middle kid to the magnet bus stop at 6:45 am so I am stoked!

    I was to take my summer vacation at the end of July but that fell apart when both my other docs decided to go that time period as well. I couldn’t leave the office unstaffed so I stayed behind to hold the fort.

    Vision Expo West is going to be super exciting, and we just opened in a new office space beginning of August so I definitely need to check out the newest and best office technology (EMR software), be schooled on new dry eye innovations and pick up the raddest frames. I am super excited to go this year and can hardly wait for Vision Expo West 2018 to start!! Yippeee!!! Thanks for this chance!!

  30. Winning the hotel stay would mean the world to me!

    I was living in the US for 14 years, 11 years in CT and 3 years in CA.
    I moved back to my home country (Germany) last year, because of a job opportunity for my husband and to be closer to my family, as my dad had been very sick for a couple of years.
    I had the best job in Windsor, California and miss my bosses and coworkers so much!
    Every time I visited my dad, he asked me if I’m still in touch with my work family and if I miss them.
    I sure do and they miss me!!!! They have been my best friends.
    My dad just recently passed away and being able to surprise and to reconnect with my coworkers in Las Vegas would be a priceless experience! They are currently planning their trip and winning this hotel stay would allow me to book a flight!
    But going to VEW would be a wonderful opportunity in many more ways.
    VEW is inspiring in so many ways. Meeting old friends, coworkers, reps and designers in this industry, feeling connected to all these crazy people, seeing new lines, looking at new product simply leaves me pumped.

    I am currently still home with my kid as he needed me during the transitioning phase, but I am now ready to explore new things for myself.
    I have been dreaming about starting my own line, VEW might just light up this fire in me.
    Help me light the spark!

  31. My first attendance was back in 2009 and since then it became a tradition and have not miss one VEW since then. My wife and I just love the location in Vegas, and the conference 🙂

  32. The reasons that I would love to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with you are plentiful. I am currently working on designing my own frame line and opticianry. I am working towards achieving my master of opticianry as well. In order to reach my goals and use my skills to help others and benefit my community I recognize that I need to stay on the cutting edge of everything optical. There is no better place to do this than at Vision Expo West! I want to see what others in the industry are currently doing in order to sharply focus my own vision for the future of optical in my community. I’m interested in providing services that benefit others. I want to help others with my skills while pushing the limits of fashion. I desire to offer the highest quality and the best experiences for others using what I do best and am frankly, a little obsessed with…optical. I am a frame designer, optician, and a lab technician. With enough determination and training, I know I can be a business owner as well. Vision Expo West is where I need and want to be!
    My family is currently living on one income and so having accommodations provided would be a game-changer for me! I want to go to Vision Expo West with all of my heart! It is a celebration of an industry that I cannot get enough of. This trip would fuel my creative and practical passions further. I know that I will use my experiences to make the best optical practice possible. Thank you for considering my application. Fingers crossed! Sincerely, Rebecca Rucinski, ABOC

  33. I want to attend Vision Expo West #VisionTurns30 for so many reasons. I have only been in the industry for a few years and have never been able to attend a Vision Expo, East or West. I passed my ABO exam in May of this year and don’t want the influx of knowledge and learning opportunities to slow down. I have already begun studying for my master of opticianry exam.
    I am very passionate about staying on top of the latest technology and trends. Vision Expo is the perfect place to take classes, listen to seminars, and chat with veteran Opticians. My patients vision and comfort in their eyewear is of the utmost importance to me. I want to keep on top of the latest technology and designs to be able to fit them in frames and lenses that best suit their needs. I recognise the importance of understanding the latest technology thoroughly enough to explain it to patients who may not be familiar with the concepts.
    I currently work in a small, independent office that has only been open for a year and a half. I work for an incredible doctor and I am her only full time employee. She depends on me to make sure that we have everything we need to keep the practice running smoothly, that we are offering the best lenses for the best prices, and that we have frame lines that offer something to everyone. She plans on sending me to Vision Expo West in the future, but it just isn’t something she can do at this point in time. I have been trying to figure out a way to fit it into my personal budget, because it is something that means a lot to me. Having 3 days of lodging covered would make a world of difference in being able to attend. I would be eternally grateful if I was chosen. Thank you for taking the time to read my entry. Laura Meister, ABOC

  34. The reasons I would love to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with you are plentiful. I am currently designing my own frame line and opticianry while working towards achieving my master of opticianry. To reach my goals and use my skills to benefit my community, I need to stay on the cutting edge of everything optical. There is no better place to find ‘cutting edge’ than at Vision Expo West! I want to see what others in the industry are currently doing in order to sharply focus my vision for the future of optical in my community. I’m interested in pairing up to provide services that will benefit others. I want to help people by implementing my skills while pushing the limits of fashion and offering the highest quality and best experiences. I want to use what I do best and am a little obsessed with…optical.

    I am a frame designer, optician, and lab technician. I have determination and training, and with VEW, I know I can be a business owner as well. Vision Expo West is where I need and want to be!

    My family is currently living on one income, and so having accommodations provided would be a game-changer for me! I want to go to Vision Expo West with all of my heart! It is a celebration of an industry that I cannot get enough of. This trip would fuel my creative and practical passions. I know that I will use my experiences to make the best opticianry possible. Thank you for considering my application. Fingers crossed! Sincerely, Rebecca Rucinski, ABOC

  35. I have been an optician for just 1 1/2 yrs. Last February I passed the ABO and am now studying for the NCLE. I am learning as much as I can so that I can be very good at my job. There are so many exciting advances happening all the time. I have never had the opportunity to attend an Expo. The chance to speak with the innovators in our field is exciting.

  36. I find it interesting that when the contest rules stated comments must be entered by noon today, that it didn’t state Noon in what time zone. In other words, I didn’t see it, and this is an optical show. What irony.
    I’m betting (insert your own gambling reference) that because it’s being held in Las Vegas, that it’s Noon PT.
    As media and a multi-decade eyeglasses wearer, I’d like to attend because it gives me the opportunity to talk to eyeglasses brands with the hopes of getting brand deals and influencing others. Authenticity in influencer marketing goes a long way. Cheers.

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