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This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. The Optical Vision Site and Vision Expo are giving you a chance to win Three (3) Free Nights in Las Vegas and a free Exhibit Hall pass to attend Vision Expo West. All it takes is five (5) minutes of your time to make a comment on this topic:

  • Why you want to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with us

Comments need to be posted no later than 12 Noon on Friday, August 10th, 2018. The winner will be selected on August 16th, 2018 and notified by email.

Vision Expo West will take place at Sands Expo in Las Vegas from September 26 to 29, with the Exhibit Hall opening on September 27. Vision Expos are the largest, most all-inclusive ophthalmic conferences in the world as well as the best value of all for continuing education with over 300 hours of classes to choose from.

Register for free today at or click here to learn more. Read the complete contest rules here.

Not all comments will win. Winner will be selected by Vision Expo. Comments received after 12:00 PM ET August 10, 2018, will not be eligible for this promotion. Show management to choose and book hotel accommodations at an official Show hotel.

Enter by adding your reason for wanting to attend
Vision Expo West below!


  1. Vision Expo West 2018 shows new directions of development in the optical industry for the coming year. By not visiting these fairs you are at the end of the queue in the fight for the client. Be on the time of fashion and trends.

  2. For more than 10 years I have listed on my annual review my strong desire and goal to attend Vision Expo. I have spent countless hours attending local trainings, researching information on my own and sharing the knowledge I have gained with my co-workers. The fresh ideas, merchandising, trends, networking and product knowledge that I would gain will benefit my colleagues, my customers and Doctors. I am passionate about my job, and I consider the most important part of my day is educating my patients and helping them to make the best decisions for their vision.

  3. Retired physically in 2016 after 41 years. My mind is still an Optician and look forward to returning part time in the future. I enjoy staying current with new products and technology, blending my old school skills in to it. Have had to search more local, as no pay check makes it a little tough on the budget.

  4. I wish to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 w/ The Optical Vision Site and Vision Expo as this amazing venue is THE go-to function encompassing a myriad of Optical Industry market aspects both vertical and horizontal in a very nice, tight, well-planned location that allows a lot of exposure, learning, and networking to be done super efficiently in an astounding short amount of time and effort. The icing on the cake is the opportunity to make personal contact in the flesh w/ those prospects, clients, colleagues, and suppliers, where such face-to-face relationships are fostered and solidified to the benefit of attendees such as I, as well as all of the industry players in general.

    #VisionTurns30 #VisionExpo #Vegas #Reed #Optical

  5. I would like to attend Vision Expo West so I can LEARN! I would like to go to CE courses and walk around the exhibit to test out new instruments, learn about new products and shop for eyewear! Vision Expo West definitely seems like the one stop for all that I don’t want to miss!

  6. I wish to go because I never have. Seems like a great way to learn and meet other people in our industry

  7. In my nine years of providing service as an optician, I’ve only heard of the great Vision Expo. I’d love to experience the event first hand and broaden my education. Our administrator is retiring this year and I would love nothing more but to become certified before she says goodbye. From what I understand, this particular Vision Expo would be THE ONE to attend before accomplishing my goal. Hope to see you all soon!

  8. No lies, I want to go because it’s Vegas and I enjoy blowing off steam at the after parties with other people in my industry. I mean don’t get me wrong, I always learn something new at the classes and I love checking out the new frame styles and seeing the direction the fashion aspect of the industry is going…but yeah I like the Marchon Party and Clearvision usually throws a nice shindig at the Tao as well.

  9. I would love to go to Vision Expo West 2018 and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with the best of the optical industry! I have been an optician for over 15 years and now that I am on the sales side, I still miss the opportunity to learn, be engrossed in all things Optical, see what’s new in technology and view the latest and greatest styles! It would be a great opportunity to be able to grow professionally!

  10. I’ve heard that VEW is the party show. If that’s the case I’d love to go party. Is there any other reason to go? Plus, I’m not beyond bribary. I’ll buy the Show management a beer! (also, I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, and have a passion for selling high end eyewear that has a story. But lets face it, a very minor reason to want to go)

  11. I would like to go to VEW 2018! It is a great way to see what is new in the optical industry and get some great education too. It is always nice to meet the people behind the lines we carry. VEW is a great way to re invest in your profession and get energized for the year end.

  12. I’d like to attend VEW 2018 because it’s a great opportunity to view new lines, make new connections and have a good time

  13. I have been in optics for 20+ years with only 2 employers and worked in various positions from optician, technician, buyer, Dr assistant and management, I am also abo certified and have NEVER been to a vision expo!!! I have made a proposal every year for my employer to send me with no luck. It has now become our annual joke but hey I gotta try….I would love to FINALLY attend the vision expo and when better than #VisionTurns30

  14. In an industry that is constantly evolving, I’d love to be there when #VisionTurns30 because it means that there’s so much to learn, do, people to meet, and to celebrate such an incredible feat! Plus – I’ve never attended one before, but I hear it’s amazing!

  15. This will be the first time I would be attending the Expo as a doctor, as apposed to an assistant/tech during my student days, and it would such a privilege and an unforgettable experience given that it’s the 30th anniversary! I am interested in opening up my own practice this year and this would be the perfect opportunity to get the best tips from fellow colleagues, experience new technology and have some fun! #VisionTurns30

  16. As an Optometrist from Nigeria , there is so much to learn about Modern trends in eye care practice. Working in a busy private practice hosting several retainers and providing care for an enlightend population requires up-to-date information.

    #VisionExpoWest 2018 will be the perfect opportunity to experience what innovation, education, and networking can offer to improve patient care and provide quality ophthalmic services. As an organisation (Mega Vision Ltd.), we strive for excellence in providing cutting edge technology for efficient eye care delivery. #visionexpowest will be a time to stock,
    a wide variety of choice ophthalmic products to patients of our practice.

    By my participation in the event, I intend to influence the optical industry back at home by sharing knowledge gained with my colleagues and championing a course for the provision of accessible and affordable eye care services through collaboration with agencies.

    It will also be a lifetime experience visiting #LasVegas and meeting like minds in the optical industry.

    As #VisionTurns30 I want to be part of the celebration of years of milestone achievement in the Optical industry with special appreciation to the organisers of the event.
    Badge no: 1257800

  17. I am a Montreal resident of 70 years young and last year attended my first Vision Expo Show.
    The company I represent Eckelburg Eyewear had very nice booth at Galeria showroom. I was very
    Impressed with the magnificent organization and the many show exhibitors. I retired from the Luxottica Group last August 2017 after 27 years of service mostly with Rayban collection.
    I would love to go back this year and spend more time to enjoy my passion at this great venue.
    Hope I will get lucky👍🤓🍷

  18. After 3 years working in the optical world to have it ripped away I’d love to attend this event to reconnect with reps and to check out the new that’s coming!

  19. I would absolutely LOVEEEEEE to attend Vision Expo West and celebrate #VisionTurns30 with YOU! This has been my dream since I found my passion in the field 10 years ago! I am in the process of studying for my licensing exams and what better resource to help me pass?! I am an ABO certified Apprentice Optician and I know for the ABO it was so HARD to find study material and of course Vision Expo will open so many doors for me to be that much more successful in passing my NCLE and boards. I am also a Optical Supervisor for Luxottica and can share my amazing experience with my staff! As well as a Transitions Change Agent and some of my fellow agents will be there so I will be so excited to join them in promoting the product! The other reason I would be ecstatic to win this is because I just got married in March and my husband and I are trying to travel as much as possible in the next year of being newly weds before we start a family and this will be the perfect way to add to our list. Not to mention it will be his first time in the city of Lights! This will be a dream come TRUE! 🤓😎✨✨✨✈️

  20. I’m so excited about Vision Expo West! I’m still relatively new to the field and when I was at Vision Expo East, I learned so much that I knew I would be attending as many of these as I could. This trip, I would really want to focus on learning more about lens technology and advances. Growing my knowledge and getting to meet people across several fields is such a gift. I would also love to see and experience the excitement of #VisionTurns30!! I may have stumbled into this field, but I’ve fallen in love with what I do!

  21. Why do I want to attend VisionExpoWest for #VisionTurns30 ?!?!?! Because I am the proudest alumni of University of Houston Class of 2017 and I am fired up to be pursuing my dream of starting my very own optometry practice this year! And I need all things optical!!! Attending Vision Expo West would allow me to accomplish my business goal in purchasing equipment and frames in (what I’ve seen and heard) the absolute BEST exhibit hall there is!
    I would love to network with fellow colleagues, vendors, and support the cutting edge technology that is moving the eye care profession in such a rapid and positive way!
    Celebrating #VisionTurns30 in Las Vegas would contribute to my dreams coming true and allow me to market innovation to my patients by sharing with them my experience in attendance! Can you feel my energy from there ?!

  22. I’ve been in this business 36 years it’s always a good time at vision expo .i look forward to Meeting new friends and reuniting with old friends. This old dog is always up for new technology. Pick me 😃

  23. I have attended vision expo east and would love the opportunity to experience Vision expo west. I had the opportunity to be at the 25th anniversary for Vision expo east and that was the best show I went to. I’d love to attend vision expo west and share the epic event with everyone.

  24. I have wanted tok attend Vision Expo West for so many years so celebrating #Visionturns30 would be the perfect first time! Vision Expo gives the opportunity to learn so much about new things in the industry and see all the new frames and technology available!! As an ABO certified optician I am always striving to be in the know on all things optical so I would especially love to grow my knowledge on all the new lens options and of course see all the gorgeous frames!

  25. I want to go because I’ve never been there, and because I went to Vision Expo East for the first time this year, and it was the best event of all times! I hope it’s just as good as NY was! And my fathers shop is turning 30 this August as well, so we could all celebrate together!

  26. A great way to mix learning with fun.
    There is always a pearl of wisdom I can take back to the practice.
    It gives me a chance to chat with so many others in this profession and make new connections.

  27. Vision Expo is the best place to learn about newest advancements in the industry. You’re able to connect with frame and technology reps, preview the latest trends in eyewear, network, and attend classes to increase your knowledge in the optical world. It’s an overall must for all optical offices!

  28. The last time I attended VEW was as a student. Now, six years out, my husband and I are planning to open a practice cold and would love the opportunity to meet with the vendors from practicing doctor’s perspective and catch some CE!

  29. I have attended three times to vision expo, I love the experience because it opens our mind to how to transform our business into a shopping experience. the way in which they display the merchandise gives many ideas to innovate, the quantity of options what there is in lenses, optical accessories, machinery for evaluation and everything to offer a better service to our patients. I love Las Vegas more because all the attractions are closer and the time has perfect weather. Thanks to this expo I have changed the perspective on my career as an optometrist and I appreciate very much that you do events like these. I would love to win!

  30. It’s my first time attending Vision Expo and it’ll be a great experience to see what the Vision Expo has to offer and what new things I can learn, being that i recently passed my ABO exam and in continuation of getting my NCLE certification.

  31. I would love the opportunity to attend Vision Expo West! We are on the East Coast but I am always seeking more opportunities to learn! I am an apprentice in the field right now and would love to attend to expand my knowledge and experience! #visionturns30 is also a great reason to attend! I would love to bring back all this information to my Vision Source team!

  32. This is the event to attend! If you want to continue to be at the forefront of optical trends and education, there isn’t a better optical convention.
    You can view the up and coming creations by some new kids on the block or take a look at a collection or two that you may have heard of.

    It’s all there!

  33. I’m not new nor all too seasoned in the world of optics. So therefore, I am teachable and eager to learn. I wear all of the hats in my optical office- all except the doc’s role. Seeing as how I can relate to doing insurance processing, opticainary, technical, any of an optical patients needs; is gain insight my thriving office could benefit from!

  34. Attending Vision Expo West is one of the best ways to see what this amazing industry has to offer! Having the opportunity to win a stay in a Vegas Hotel could possibly make this the BEST SHOW EVER!!

  35. As #visionturns30 so have I. Growing up I always wanted to be an optometrist but I had so many obstacles to overcome. I was a first generation immigrant coming to America from Iran and escaping a war stricken country when I was little and watched my parents start from scratch. I remember only happy memories of going to the optometry office where the optometrist was Iranian. I saw that people who are different can accomplish great things and I looked up to her in so many ways. And every time I was made fun of for being different, I just pushed towards my goals more.

    Attending Vision Expo is an opportunity to represent my culture and also to be able to learn from others to become the best optometrist I can be. In order to inspire others just as my optometrist had done for me, I have to be able to network and connect with as many diverse and different people, cultures, professionals, and educators as I can. That’s what 30 years has taught me. I can’t wait to see what 30 years has taught Vision Expo.

  36. Vision Expo has taught me so much in the past. I was able to gain so much valuable knowledge that allows me to better our practice. The education is top knotch, and incomparable. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the new technology, lastest trends and new products. Patients love hearing that you’ve traveled to conferences in large cities like such, and have seen new, fantastic products firsthand. I’ve been an optician for 8 years. It’s so exciting to know Vision expo has been around for so long, in fact longer than I’ve been alive, and to celebrate this annniversary. I’m truly grateful for the experiences and knowledge Vision Expo has given me.

  37. VEE 2018 was my first expo ever, and if I get to go to VEW, it will make this entire year the BEST!!! 😍
    Plus, I’ve never been to Vegas…

  38. I have been an optician for 5 years. I was originally thrown into the position, and absolutely fell in love the line of work. I went to countless siminars, optical events, and confrences. Right away I was put into a lead position because of my desire to learn, grow, and educate our patients.
    I recently took an optician manger positions for an MD office. Their optical department has been run by a lady for 32 years, and it is extremely out of date. I decided to go back to school to learn more about business and marketing, in order to help increase sales in the office. So, on top of starting this new manager position, working full time, going back to school, I would love to attend Vision Expo to see new styles, learn from other offices, and get great ideas from all the vendors. I have also never been to Vision Expo, and think it would help me tremendously.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  39. I’m from Asia and I wish to attend Vision Expo West to be able to see what this amazing industry has to offer, and how to grow my business in Asia by incorporating some of the ideas and products I see in the Expo

  40. I want to attend Vision Expo West because I have a desire to learn. The opportunity to attend will allow me to improve my knowledge in the Optical Industry as a Business Manager and help drive successful results within my non-profit organization. The optical industry is my passion and it is all I ever think about, how I can be a better leader, and what legacy I wish to leave for my clinic, patients, staff, and my family. For six years, I have been wishing for the best birthday present one could ask for to attend Vision Expo West and focus on the many education courses offered. I miss learning and the resources available at Vision Expo West would benefit me greatly. The three day event would allow me to network with other professionals, create innovative thinking, and challenge myself to work harder and teach others what I learn. Happy thirty years to Vision Expo and thank you for the opportunity to attend.

  41. I want to attend because Vision Expo turns 30 on the day I turn 40!! 🤓 I am very interested in checking out the CE around improving business/management/inventory skills!! Pick me!!


  43. It would be my first time at the Vision Expo! The opportunity to learn from the industries top leaders is an amazing one. The experience in advances in eye care and of course mingling with people from all over the world. This would be an amazing opportunity that I hope I get to experience.


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