Free Wiley X Frame for Safety Eyewear Ideas


Eyecare Professionals can win* a free Wiley X Frame of your choice by sharing your ideas on how to bring more awareness and programs about the importance of Safety Eyewear in your local market.

  • More than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day.
  • About 1 in 10 injuries require one or more missed workdays to recover from.
  • Of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10-20 % will cause temporary or permanent vision loss.
Wiley X Safety Style Jake

Here is a testimonial from one of Wiley X’s customers, a cement manufacturing company “We have seen a significant reduction in eye injuries ( Dust in the eye). There are so many different styles of Wiley X to accommodate different face sizes. And give a great seal around people’s eyes. I truly believe Wiley X is the reason for our reduction in eye injuries. Not to mention the interchangeable parts. So you can fix what’s broke and not have to throw the whole glasses away. Also the RX is a great feature, It allows our employees to get great protection around there eyes while wearing there prescription glasses. Another great feature is not having to change glasses when going from dark to sunny conditions. We use L/A lenses on all our models. I believe Wiley X is one of the best products out there for Eye Safety. The proof is the reduction in eye injuries. We are not the only location using them now. There has been a lot change over to Wiley X because they provide great Protection!! Thanks Wiley X for helping keep us safe in a harsh work environment!!

Types of Business to Approach:

  • Manufacturing or Assembly Plants
  • Machine Shops
  • Mining
  • Municipalities
  • Construction
  • Petroleum
  • Auto repair shops
  • Light manufacturing
  • Sports Centers
Kemo SDPC Pro in Wiley X

We got involved with the San Diego Polo Club. The polo pros did not know how much choice there was for them. Here is Kemo, professional polo player and teacher in his Wiley X.

As an eyecare retailer tell us what you are doing or plan to do with local employers and businesses to promote eye safety in the work place and you could win a pair of Wiley X premium safety glasses! Click on the comments link below to make your comments on promoting eye safety.

We look forward to hearing from you. *The time period to win a free pair has expired but your comments are still welcome.


  1. I did not know how cool safety eyewear could be until I noticed that my dental hygenist had all kinds of styles and tints. The dental office has a different color uniform for each day of the week and she matches her safety eyewear!

  2. Wow, I am going to take my son to get a pair of these. He needs to wear safety glasses for both indoors and out and he hates the ones he has and sometimes won’t wear them. Thanks for the information. I want a pair for shooting also.

  3. We are providing FREE safety eyewear KIOSKS to businesses to allow their employees to Virtually TRY ON and purchase safety eyewear. We can also digitally calculate PD’s and Seg Heights and allow the employee to remotely scan their prescription.

  4. Eye protection is a major problem in so many industries. And fogged eyewear contributes to people removing safety glasses(and forgetting to put them back on), especially industries where heat, humity and exertion go together. There’s a research whitepaper on the relationship between fogging and eye protection in the Resource section of Other great tips on eye safety there, too!

  5. IF you show industry how they can lower their insurance premiums by setting up an eye safety program, they are very likely to do so.

    They save money up front, they save on disability claims and loss of manpower hours.

    It is a win win for everyone.

  6. As a dispensing Optician who participates in several large companies’ safety programs, I see all the “usual suspects” in safety eyewear quite often. These Wiley X safety glasses are far and away the coolest looking safety glasses there are. I would actually wear the Wiley X safety glasses for my own use cutting grass and working around the house

  7. We educate all our patients and Associates on safety awareness and the importance of eyewear protection. In our retail establishments our doctor’s recommendation is the key to our success in sales. Whether they are for sports or for work conditions, we have an extensive collection to choose from.

  8. 3 main ideas come to mind when determining eyewear in the military. Protection, Performance and look.

    Protection: Always look to exceed standard government ratings for ballistic protection

    Performace: Mainly, will it remain stable on my face when making abrupt physical movements, such as running. Is it uncomfortable when wearing for long periods of time?

    Look: Hell, we all gotta look good in our eyewear. But in my line of work, need to ensure the subdued and intimidating appearence is kept (Black Ops revolvers).

    Wiley X has been a long time supporter to the military and has proven its capibilities through many years. Troops were actively pursuing the goggles even before long before they were issued.

    Because of the state of art look and fortified protection they provide, in my opinion they are OUTSTANDING!

  9. I worked in vision sciense. It is very important to wear safety glasses for the work and other activities to protect your vision from injury or retinal damage from light. In my experience, a lot of safety glasses is not confortable and no style. People don’t want to wear. Why? due to the budge and awareness in the market. For example, if the glasses in the catalog of supplier either for office and laboratory, and have sale presentative to attend to inventor fair hold by unversity or company will be able to get more awearness of safety eyewear, which defitely promote the sale in the market.

  10. Adertising these as Sun Safety Protectors, pinpointing to the Medical factor in the World today. Everyday usage will prevent the majority of people from chronically going to optometrists with foreign body removals. Leading cause of scarring and serious ramifications in the population is simply because they are not wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment.Wiley X is a great company with Great Products.I am a fan.

  11. I am not an optical retailer but I am a power tool user so my suggestion is that it would be good to make sure everyone who uses power tools wear safety eyewear so if you are giving someone a power tool for the holidays, include a pair of Wiley X safety glasses!

  12. At the ophthalmology practice where I was working,an auto detailer came in for a scratched cornea from being hit with a piece of leather he was installing.

    Upon leaving, the Dr. suggested safety glasses. I showed him the “traditional” safety and then showed him the Wiley X. He ended up with a pair of Wiley X safety glasses. The owner (and the guys) liked the modern look so much they all got a pair.

  13. Asking questions such as;
    Does your profession require safety eye wear?
    Do you wear safety eye wear?
    Does your employer offer safety eye wear?
    Also, finding and quoting statistics about their type of job, and general safety eye wear facts, can help drive the sale.

  14. My goal for the first quarter is to visit the companies in the area and introduce the Wiley X line to them.Their needs may be safety or it may open the door for new rx sales for everyday sunglass wearer. You have to knock on doors if you want soemone to answer.

  15. We have developed an eye safety program by positioning our Wiley X products at various events. The most successful however is catering to motorcycling. Once every other month, we spend a Saturday afternoon at a high profile motorcycle dealership with our Wiley X hardcase display. We set up a table with a Wiley X banner draped across the front which usually informs customers we are offering something special. The portable lensometer on the table often conveys we are not just showing “biking glasses” but are optical professionals ready to serve their biking RX vision needs. We aim at developing collective interest from customers and then begin a powerpoint presentation which conveys many eye injury statistics and how they can effectively be prevented with Wiley X safety eyewear and sunwear. As a thank you to the dealership, I usually bring Pizza or subs for the employees and offer comp pricing for their personal safety eyewear.

    Tip: Nothings more credible than someone who shares common interests. If you have never riden a motorcycle, it’s a good idea to leave the labcoat and wingtip shoes at the office and have someone take you for a little ride.

  16. We fit safety eyewear for a number of different patient profiles. The highway and trooper police of Weschester county are probably our largest group. Then we have the kids as well as the adults using safety eyewear for various sports.I think the Wiley X collection would be a great add on for our practice and plan to look for them at the next Vision Expo in NY.

  17. Our EyestarTV digital signage program can easily bring awareness about safety eyewear while patients wait. In fact, a segment about eye injuries followed by the types of safety products your practice sells would be perfect. It will encourage patients to inquire about eye safety as well as your solutions prior to their appointment.

  18. Way cool! I always discuss safety Rx with all my patients who do household chores that put their eyes at risk. I can’t wait to put some on the frame board so that patients can see them and have my optician discuss the merits of these to my patients.

  19. This is an area where we plan on growing our business. Love reading the comments to help us along. We already have people purchasing these Wiley X’s but need to do more. Plan on visiting local businesses to introduce them to Wiley X’s. We do take them to our shows for chamber of commerce health and safety days and other chamber events.

  20. Opticote and Wileyx =

    Finally it’s clear: Opticote’s FOG FREE eliminates the “white wall” condensation that occurs during the transition between environments at different temperatures! Tested by COLTS Laboratories, our thermally-cured FOG FREE coating was found to be superior to other products. Whether for safety or convenience, Opticote’s FOG FREE means the quality of vision is never compromised.

    Visit for more information.

    Contact Opticote directly or your optical lab of choice!

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