Wiley X and Playing Polo is Not for Crybabies!

Spreckles Cup - San Diego Polo Club

Why do we say that? Because recently we have seen what is really involved with playing polo plus according to my Google search  on “The Top Tens dangerous sports list #2 is Horseback riding”. Just yesterday, Charlotte  witnessed a polo player being stitched up by a vet (yes a vet) after being hit in the face with a polo mallet, he didn’t have time to go to the hospital as the game was still being played and the team needed him but thank goodness his eyes were protected by his Wiley X glasses, playing polo is not for crybabies!

Last week we took some Wiley X sunglasses and protective eyewear to the San Diego Polo Club for the riders to try out.  Cathy and I have had it with seeing the same old eyewear brands getting all the attention at sporting events and thought it was a great opportunity to have a local event, playing an extreme sport,  showcase some other eyewear products so we asked a couple of our sponsors to join in the fun! Wiley X agreed and sent some protective eyewear and sunglasses.

This was an important game for San Diego Polo Club playing and hosting the USPA Spreckles Cup. The team wanted to be sure that they had great optics and protection, they were not going to change eyewear brands lightly, no one paid them to change eyewear, it was all done on the merits of the product.The  horses are traveling at 30mph and the mallets are made of wood. Eye injuries are common in the sport and can risk the end of a players career. I can assure you, these pros take safety eyewear seriously!

Miguel Guiterrez Argintine 4 Goal Pro wearing Wiley X PT-1

Titech/Trinity and Monteverde/Adeptus battled it out at San Diego Polo Club for the USPA Spreckles Cup. The teams were wearing Wiley X’s safety frames – we think these photos show why safe and yet fashionable eyewear is needed for this sport!!!

It is a great example of how to find a sport or activity in your local area and see if you can take the opportunity to talk about eyewear, safety and protection.

You can do this with product and services and all at low cost. We wished we had taken an Optometrist and/or Optician with us to talk about eyecare as we were getting lots of questions from both spectators and players, even the announcer!

Now a little history for you about the game of polo, especially for those  who think it is gentile i.e. Prince Charles, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and preppy clothing and all that (Actually we like the Richard Gere part!)

The first recorded polo tournament was in 600 BC when the Turkomans beat the Persians in a public match. The Persians and the Mogul conquerors of India, spread the game of polo across the eastern world. Emperor Cantacuzenus (ruled Byzantium 1341-1347) was one of the earliest recorded casualties of the sport. He wasn’t wearing protective eyewear of course!

Currently, the highest level of polo is played in Argentina, the United States of America, and England. Today, polo is played in more than 60 countries and enjoyed by more than 50 million people each year and there are more than 250 active polo clubs in the United States Polo Association.

Here are a couple more pictures but you can see the album with a lot more detail on our Facebook Fan Page album.

The Polos Teams Wearing Wiley X
Rick #3 wearing Wiley X Guard


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