Wild Animal Eyewear – Leopards and Zebra


Animal prints and designs are very exotic and always popular for everything from home furnishings, clothing, accessories and of course eyewear. As I want to show off more of my recent African Safari pictures I asked some of our sponsors to send us some animalistic eyewear. We think the “wild animal” theme would make a really great display and merchandising store within a store if you ever feel some wild inspiration!

The leopards’, beauty and stealth were truly awesome so I would like to start with those. This animal can look so sweet and almost like a “Beanie Baby” when it is sleeping but it is stealthy and strong. All the features we like to see in eyewear, just like those shown below from Legre and Rebecca – Alexander Collection from AA Optical.

Rebecca - Alexander Collection A&A Optical


Black and white is so versatile for co-coordinating with almost any attire but done with a Zebra design it adds a lot more pizazz!

Walk across to the wild side like these zebra and make a fierce fashion statement in popular animal prints. The laws of the jungle dominate classic shaped sun frame by A&A GL838A. Sport your style in the brown cheetah/leopard pattern or stand tall in iconic stripes of the zebra on the black frame shown here.

This frame is Zyloware’s Peace.Love.Daisy 411 which features a zebra print design. Peace.Love.Daisy 411 is a trendy and bold, semi-rimless, metal front frame. The handcrafted zyl temple features an exotic zebra print that gives the frame a bit of fashion flair. The temple also features a metal peace symbol with embedded crystals for a bit of bling. Spring hinges and snap-in nose pads provide additional comfort to the wearer. The peace logo in the right temple tip allows for easy brand recognition at first glance.

The angles, colors (black and pearl) plus the pure fun and playfulness of this frieze frame called Sophia Marie  evokes young zebras galloping around.

Frieze Heritage - Sophia Marie

We hope you enjoy these pictures and ideas for Wild Animal Eyewear – Leopards and Zebra, let us know if you have any to add. Giraffes, ostrich and elephant inspired eyewear to come!

Aspire MidPage June 19


  1. Hi!

    I’m interested in purchasing some of your animal themed eyewear. Looking for sunglasses to resell in my shop called Animals Rock! in Castle Rock, CO. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

    Great thanks,
    Jill Steele

  2. Hi Jill,
    Thank you for contacting us. We do not sell any products. Most of the products on this site do wholesale. You need to contact them directly

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