Why We Don’t Sell Eyewear Online


Wink EyewearWe often write about if you can’t beat them, join them in selling eyewear online. I love this why we don’t see eyewear online approach by Wink Eyewear in Lawrence, Kansas. If you have been to Lawrence, Kansas (I have a few times) this is very cute college town, and you know these college kids are buying online, so it is a competitive marketplace there.

This is how they start out:

It is after all 2013, and in this modern era, when you can purchase everything from a microwave or a refrigerator to a pair of jeans or a sweater or even a new vehicle right from your kitchen using your iPad or even a smartphone, why do we still not offer our eyewear for purchase at winkeyewear.com?…..  Read the full explanationWink Eyewear

For those who are not interested for whatever reason to put shopping cart on their site, I hope you consider a like type of Letter to you customers.

Claire Goldsmith MidPage