Why Social Bookmarking Makes Sense

Stumbleupon with over 12 Million Users

In my last post here I talked about bookmarking online and some of the services that house your information in the “cloud” and how convenient and easy these solutions are to use. We are now going to take our bookmarking one step further and be social about it. After all, we like being social….right?

I was reminded recently of an old saying my ex use to say….”A man says something alone in a forest….is he still wrong?” wait, wait, not that saying, this one;”If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” To a certain extent, if you create a new website, a new web page, even a new blog post or comment, and no one sees it, what good did it do you?

Sharing your work, or the work of others you find compelling is the next step in a bookmarking strategy that can and will help your Eye Care business. Remember we’ve discussed that Google and other search engines like looking and ranking websites as a giant popularity contest. Any site’s importance to the web, is based in part of a site’s popularity on the web. A site like Amazon who has millions of inbound links would be considered far more valuable to web than the mythical Jackscrackedlenses.com with a single inbound link.

Bookmarking your own site, your own contributions to the web and the contributions of others you feel compelling is each time another vote for whatever you are bookmarking. By sharing those bookmarks in the ether, it also provides opportunity for others to discover your work and your passion. One of my favorite sites, and one that can keep you up for hours playing is StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon, with almost 13 million members provides a place where you input your interests and then press a button.

The results, like a slot machine at Vision Expo West can be entertaining, insightful, and sometimes profitable. The nice part is here, you are only spending time. If you are like millions, you will find yourself pushing the Stumble button just one more time………..over and over and over. What comes up in this online turn of the wheels are websites and pages others have bookmarked based on a variety of tags as interesting. These sites are not necessarily the highest ranked Google sites, but sites others with similar interests to your have found compelling and worth bookmarking.

Whether you share on StumbleUpon or Delicious or Zukmo or any of the other social bookmark sites, your sharing invites others to come and discover what you like. Is the sale of another pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses worth the time to share your passion for your business?

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