Why it’s Time to Start Using Video to Promote Your Practice 


YouTube_logo_2013.svgMore and more case studies are showing that video marketing increases consumer reach and engagement by sometimes startling numbers. For example, a startup called Wistia found that emails that included videos had an increase of 300% for click-throughs over their emails without video. Another company, Attivio, found that video increased their users’ average time on site by 100%.

Video viewing is climbing and continues to increase as people subscribe to YouTube channels and discover content they enjoy. According to 2014 YouTube report, over six billion hours of video is watched each month on the video search engine.

In addition, if you are considering PPC advertising, targeted video ads are a good way to engage with your local prospects at a fraction of the cost for traditional paid advertising and often with a bigger return on your spend.

Turn Your Marketing Into an Experience

How do these studies based on tech startup companies relate to your optometry Practice? Well, the fact is, in addition to video being recognized as a universal differentiator when it comes to marketing across sectors, as an eye doctor, a big part of what you are selling to potential patients is experiential. It’s your personality, your expertise and the atmosphere you create in your Practice. It’s possible that even more in this case, video is a much more effective tool for giving over your fantastic bedside manner and your ability to adeptly explain how to apply and care for contacts. With video you are giving your audience a true, multi-sensory experience where they can get to know you and your practice or learn something new.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

For much of your potential audience it is easier to consume the message you are trying to send by watching a video than by taking the time to read it themselves. With text, most will lose interest along the way, very possibly before they have received your full message. Showing a video gives you the chance to get your main message across quickly and to engage your users until the end (unless your video is too long). Video is simply a more efficient and compelling way to give over information.  That’s why users like it. Here is a simple, yet informative allergy video which outlines how allergies affect the eyes. Developed by EyeCarePro and our partner EyeconX, you can download it for free here, Free allergy video.

Keep up with the Competition

The time when video marketing gives you an edge over the competition is nearing it’s end as more and more optometry practices are catching on to its effectiveness. While many optometrists have been slow to adopt video in their online efforts, in the near future, your potential patients will simply expect you to be up to date with the latest technologies and question those practices that aren’t.

Whether it is on your website, social media, included in search engine advertising or in an email campaign, using video to engage your patients will increase trust and elicit a positive response to your Practice name. Ultimately, this becomes an effective marketing tool to bring in new patients, maintain contact with existing patients and increase your Practice revenue.

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