Optical Ownership: Luxottica x Essilor


Will the Luxottica- Essilor merger go through? I would say that if the Monsanto and Bayer, two of the largest toxic- pesticide companies in the world went through then  Luxottica – Essilor will most likely pass inspection.


With them merging, who will own what? Both have online presence, both have ‘propriety’ brands as well as licensed brands, both own retail stores, labs and lenses. Will they own the optical industry? We put together a global picture of both Essilor and Luxottica on purchases from 2011.

According to Luxottica’s website, they have six production facilities in Italy, three factories in China, one in Brazil and one in the United States devoted to sports and performance eyewear. (I assume that is Oakley) Luxottica also has a small plant in India serving the local market.

As a Disclaimer: The majority of the information was gleaned from both Essilor and Luxottica websites and press releases. Many of the companies listed may have been merged with others. Retail store listing are approximate and can change daily. 

Essilor and Luxottica 

For many years Essilor has been adding to their Lens and Labs empire. Luxottica says they have been in the lens business for 20 years, but it probably goes back too far or on page 50 of google for us to investigate throughly. Despite an article in Vision Monday a few months ago:

Massimo Vian..said the company plans to increase the number and invest in new lens manufacturing facilities, located near its existing distribution centers, to support the future needs of its own stores, as the company gears up for further retail expansion… started construction on three new laboratories for the production of ophthalmic lenses… This will be in the U.S. as well as in China. (Vision Monday)

Essilor Lenses

Brands: Crizal, Varilux, Transitions, Signet Armorlite via Kodak, Nikon,  Eyezen, . . X-cel Optical (MN) Xperio,e-SPF® Essilor Sun Solutions  and more.

Africa- Essilor Labs and Lenses:

  1. Ethiopia: Sun Optical Technologies, prescription laboratory with revenue of just over €1 million.
  2. Kenya: Optic Kenya, a prescription laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya.
  3. Morocco: Movisia, a distributor of Nikon and Kodak brand lenses.
  4. Morocco: Optiben, a major player in ophthalmic lens distribution
  5. Morocco: VST Lab  65% interest
  6. South Africa: Easy Vision; distributes lenses to independent laboratories
  7. South Africa: Evolution Optical, a prescription laboratory formed by the merger of Uniti Optical and Progress Optical, based in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Evolution Optical is an exclusive agent for BBGR lenses. This market of 50 million people, only 20% of whom have corrective eyewear.
  8. South Africa: Spherical Optics-(Johannesburg) majority interest- prescription laboratory
  9. South Africa: Vision Optics, a prescription laboratory based in Durban. (Essilor)
  10. Tunisia: Sivo, lens distributor and lab which also operates in Morocco, Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameron and Togo. Majority Interest (Essilor)

Asia- Middle East- Essilor Lab and Lenses: Many of these are either majority interests and over time Essilor could have purchased.

  1. China:Danyang ILT Optical- ophthalmic lens manufacturer. (Essilor)
  2. China: Jiangsu Youli Optics Co. Ltd manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses (2012) Majority interest. (Essilor)
  3. China: Jiangsu Seeworld Optical Co. Ltd. lens manufacturer (2012) (Essilor)
  4. China: Majority stake in Tianhong distributor of ophthalmic lenses. (Essilor)
  5. China: 55% equity in Jiangsu Creasky Optical, lens manufacturer and distributor.  55% equity interest. Jiangsu Creasky Optical employs more than 300 people and primarily serves the domestic market. (Essilor)
  6. China: 50% stake in Wanxin Optical, one of China’s leading manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses, as part of a joint venture agreement. (Essilor)
  7. Hong Kong: Photosynthesis Group Co. Lens manufacturer and retailer. Takes 50% stake. (Essilor)
  8. India: Deepak Optic (India) ophthalmic lens wholesaler with annual revenue of around €1 million. Majority Stake. (Essilor)
  9. India: Enterprise Ophthalmics Private Ltd (Essilor)
  10. IndiaGKB Ophthalmics Ltd  (India) 2010 ‘has decided to divest its entire 36.47 % stake in GKB Vision Ltd to Essilor India Pvt Ltd. GKB Vision manufactures ophthalmic lenses like bifocals lenses, progressive lenses, mineral lenses, organic lenses and glass moulds.’ (Essilor)
  11. India: Lens and Spects (India) lens distributor with RX laboratories (Essilor)
  12. India: Mangalsons Optics PTE Ltd (India), a distributor of plastic and glass lenses, sunglasses and prescription frames with revenue of around 460 million Indian rupees in 2016. Majority Stake (Essilor)
  13.  India: Prime Lenses (India) lens manufacturer and distributor.  Prime Lenses has 10 prescription laboratories based across the country (Essilor)
  14. India: Vijay Vision (Mumbai) (Essilor)
  15. India: Beauty Glass, lens distributor (Essilor)
  16. India: Mamtora, prescription laboratory and ophthalmic lens distributor based in the Kolkata region with revenue of around €2 million. Majority interest.(Essilor)
  17. India: Prakash- prescription laboratory (Essilor)
  18. Israel: Deep Optics- electronic focusing lens and glasses system (Investment) (Essilor)
  19. Israel: Nikon-Essilor (Israel)  has acquired a majority stake in Nikon Optical Middle-East (NOME) distributor of Nikon brand lenses in the Gulf Cooperation Council States. (Essilor)
  20. Israel: Optiplas, its long-standing distributor, which has revenue of €5 million. (Essilor)
  21. Israel: Shamir (Israel) 50% stake.In 2010, Shamir Optical reported revenue of $158 million. (Essilor)
  22. Nepal: Nemkul, a distributor with  approximately €500,000 in revenue. (Majority Stake)
  23. Russia: Optik Mekk distributor of ophthalmic lenses by acquiring a minority interest in. Currently an Essilor distributor, Optik Mekk owns a prescription laboratory with Crizal coating capabilities.(Essilor)
  24. Russia: Company Grand Vision- (Essilor)  a major distributor of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses that generates annual revenue of around €29 million. Company Grand Vision will continue to be led by its current management team and will help to strengthen Essilor’s multi-network strategy in Russia, where the Essilor and BBGR brands have been on the market for several years. The acquisition confirms the strategic nature of this market of more than 140 million people, where less than a third of the population is equipped with corrective eyewear and where growth is driven by strong demand for value-added products such as progressive and high-index lenses.
  25. Russia; MOC-BBGR, a joint venture with Marketing Optical Company traditional distributor of BBGR lenses in the Russian market with €4 million in revenue. (Essilor)
  26. Singapore: New Look Optical Co.,Ltd DANYANG branch Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of ophthalmic prescription lenses. Purchased in 2010, (Essilor)
  27. Singapore: Essilor acquired a 50% stake in Polycore lenses.
  28. Singapore: Essilor Acquired Visitech 2010, distributor
  29. South Korea: 80% stake in Incheon Optical– ophthalmic lens distributor. (Essilor)
  30. South Korea: Majority stake in Onbitt, manufacturer of polarized films for ophthalmic lenses. (Essilor)
  31. South Korea: lens manufacturer and Essilor partner Chemiglas acquired all outstanding shares of Optimax (revenue of around €1 million per year), its long-standing distributor in the Daejeon and Chungcheong regions. (Essilor)
  32. Sri Lanka:(Essilor) Global Vision prescription laboratory and distributor with around €1 million in revenue.
  33. Taiwan: Majority Stake in Shih Heng, lens distributor with prescription laboratory
  34. TaiwanSMJ, a prescription laboratory and distributor
  35. Turkey: Ipek Optik (Turkey)
  36. Turkey: Isbir Optik (Turkey)  distributor of ophthalmic lenses. Based in Ankara, Isbir has a large number of sales offices and distributors throughout the country, as well as a prescription laboratory equipped with digital surfacing and coating technologies. The company distributes BBGR lenses under its own brand as well as Nikon brand lenses.
  37. TurkeyMerve Optic0 -Essilor (Turkey) a distributor of both eyewear and lenses. Brands: Osse, Mustang, Hawk, R. Cavalli, Ferre and Swarovski for sunglasses and optical glasses among several other brands as well as Hawk and Hoya. Majority Stake.
  38. Turkey: Opak (Turkey) 51% Istanbul- based prescription laboratory with annual revenue of €8 million. Already a distributor of Essilor lenses, Opak has a digital surfacing laboratory and integrates Crizal technology.
  39. UAE: Amico (UAR) Medical Equipment and lab
  40. UAE: Saudi Arabia: Magrabi Optical (Saudi Arabia) 2012) majority interest in its laboratory located in Jeddah
  41. UAE: Ghanada Optical Co. LLC  prescription laboratory located in Abu Dhabi that serves the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  42. UAE: Kuwait: Nikon Optical Middle-East (NOME), which generates revenue of €3.5 million and is the exclusive distributor of Nikon brand lenses in the Gulf Cooperation Council states. This partnership marks Essilor’s entry into Kuwait. Majority Stake
  43. Viet Nam: Thai Thanh Phat, Essilor Distribution Vietnam, an ophthalmic lens distributor (Viet Nam)

Europe- Lab and Lenses 

  1. France: Christian Dalloz (France)
  2. France: Essor– Lens distributor
  3. France: Mont Royal (France) Lab and lens distributor, Novisia, an Essilor subsidiary and the exclusive distributor of Nikon lenses in continental Europe, has acquired a majority stake
  4. Germany: Rupp + Hubrach Optik Gmbh: optical lenses and instruments. Purchased in 2003.
  5. Ireland: Crossbows Optical (Signet Armorlite, North Ireland)
  6. Ireland: AthloneEssential Optics
  7. Ireland: United Optical; ased in Belfast and supplies prescription and safety lenses in Northern Ireland. It also has a subsidiary in Southern Ireland supplying the Republic market from Athlone.
  8. Poland: Jai Kudo Polska (Poland)
  9. Switzerland: Reize-Major stake. BBGR’s long-time distributor. With 60 employees and a prescription lens laboratory equipped with the latest high-tech machines
  10. UK: Sinclair Optical Services Established in 1983 as a supplier of optical frames and lenses.
  11. UK: Horizon (UK) Lab
  12. UK: Leicester Optical, a prescription and edging laboratory based in Rothley (2010)

North America: United States and Canada- Lenses:  There have been many more in this category, such as Gentex which has been closed.

  1. Excel Lenses- Essilor (MN) purchased in 2013. 80% share in X-Cel Optical, a manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses
  2. Xperio- Essilor polarized lens brand, Exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the Polaroid brand until 2023.
  3. KBco-Essilor (Polarized lenses) purchased in 2007. Merged with Specialty Lens
  4. Nassau Vision Group: series of labs and lenses, distributor
  5. Shore Lens- Essilor
  6. Quantum Optique -Essilor (Quebec) lens distributor who has formed a partnership with Essilor.
  7. Nikon- Essilor (Canada)

Essilor Labs: Either purchased or are partner labs. According to the Essilor website they have 162 labs in the USA, 42 in Europe, 233 in Asia, 64 in South America

United States: Essilor Labs 

  1. Accurx (RI)
  2. Advance Optical (Rochester, NY)
  3. Apex Optical (Winter Garden, FL)
  4. Aspen Optical (Mesa, AZ)
  5. Balester Optical (PA)
  6. Barnett and Ramel (Omaha, NE)
  7. Bartley Optical (Azuza, CA)
  8. Beilter Mckee (Pittsburgh, PA)
  9. Bell Optical Labs (multiple locations)
  10. Bristow (Mesa, AZ)
  11. Central Optical Wholesale Lab (OH)
  12. Cherry Optical (Melvindale, MI)
  13. Classic Optical (OH)
  14. Collard Rose (Whittier, CA)
  15. Crown Optical (Greenville, RI)
  16. CSC (CA)
  17. Customeyes (Rockland, RI)
  18. Dash Lab (Lubbock, TX)
  19. DBL (St. Cloud, MN)
  20. Deschutes Optical (Boise, ID)
  21. Duffens (KS) several locations
  22.  e.magine Optical (Oklahoma)
  23. Dunlaw Optical (Lawton, OK)
  24. East Coast Ophthalmic (Jacksonville, FL)
  25. Elite Optical (CA)
  26. ELOA New Jersey (NJ)
  27. Empire Optical (North Hollywood, CA)
  28. Epic Optical Lab (Waite Park, MN)
  29. Essilor Laboratory of Boston (Danvers, MA)
  30. Eyecare Express (Houston, TX)
  31. Focus Optical (Aurora, IL)
  32. Future Optics (FL)
  33. GK Optical (IN)
  34. Gold Optical (Fayetteville, NC)
  35. Gulf States Optical (Jefferson, LA)
  36. Hawkins Lab (Topeka, KS) established in 1948, purchased by Essilor and now is run as a Duffens lab.
  37. Hirsch (Farmindale, NY)
  38. Hi Tech Optics (Lincoln, NE)
  39. Homer Optical (MD, PA, VA)
  40. Icare Labs (St. Petersburg, FL)
  41. iCoat (Santa Fe Springs, CA) purchased for $26 Million
  42. Interstate Optical (OH, IN)
  43. Jorgensen-Pennisula (Tacoma, WA)
  44. Katz & Klein (CA)
  45. Kosh (Pompano Beach, FL)
  46. Lenco (Rutland, VT)
  47. Lenstech (Greenwood, IN)
  48. Mcleod ( CT, ME, RI)
  49. Meridian (Phoenix, AZ)
  50. Meridian (San Diego, CA)
  51. MGM Excellence Processing Center (Puerto Rico)
  52. Midland Optical (St. Louis, MO)
  53. Midwest Lens (KS)
  54. Milroy Optical (Tampa, FL)
  55. Nassau and lenses (Northvale, NJ)
  56. NEA (AR)
  57. New City (Baltimore, MD and Virginia Beach, VA)
  58. Nova Optical Lab (Orangeburg, NY)
  59. Ocular Lab (San Jose, CA)
  60. Omega Optical (Dallas, TX)
  61. Omni Optical (Beaumont, TX)
  62. Optic Blue (Lubbock, TX)
  63. Optical Dimensions (MI)
  64. Optical One  (OH)
  65. Optical Suppliers (HI)
  66. Optical Supply (Grand Rapids, MI)
  67. Opticraft (Portland, OR)
  68. Optogenics (Syracuse, NY)
  69. Pasch (CO)
  70. Pech Optical (Sioux City, IA)
  71. Perferx Optical (Pittsfield, MA)
  72. QC Optical Labs of Spokane WA and Portland OR.
  73. Plunkett Optical (AR) Majority stake
  74. Prodigy Optical in Minnesota
  75. POL (Arden, NC)
  76. Premier Optical (Belmont, NC)
  77. Precision Optical (San Diego, CA)
  78. Precision Optical of CT (East Hartford, CT)
  79. Precision Optics (St. Cloud, MN)
  80. Premier Optics (Belmont, NC)
  81. Prescription Optical (Madison, WI)
  82. Prodigy Optical (MN)
  83. R.D. Cherry (MI)
  84. Reliable Optics (Brooklyn, NY) alliance
  85. Select Optical (Columbus, OH)
  86. Sight Systems of the Carolinas in Concord, NC
  87. Southern Optical (GA, TN, NC,SC)
  88. Spectrum (Sauk Rapids, MN)
  89. Sunland (El Paso, TX) Military bases and online.
  90. SunStar (Las Vegas, NV)
  91. Sutherlin Optical (Kansas City, KS)
  92. Superior Optical (MS) US Optical (NY) VIP Optical. Linden, N.J
  93. Tri Supreme (Farmingdale, NY)
  94. Truckee Meadows (Reno, NV)
  95. Twin City (NM, MT, WY, ND, IA, SD, MN, KY, MI, WI)
  96. Ultimate Optical (FL) purchased in 2010
  97. Winchester (Elmira, NY)
  98. WOS (Green Bay, WI)

Latin America including: South-Central America and Mexico: Essilor Labs and Lens Distributors and Manufacturers

According to an Essilor press release: Shamir has acquired two prescription laboratories which have around BRL 12 million in aggregate revenue from operations in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states. In another old press release: Essilor’s Brazilian network now comprises 13 partner laboratories and a stock house.

  1. Argentina;  Optovision
  2. Brazil: Cientifica in the State of São Paulo,
  3. Brazil: Comprol, (Brazil) which generates revenue of €5.4 million. This prescription laboratory is the company’s first facility in the Federal District (Brasilia)
  4. Brazil: Comopticos, a prescription laboratory located in the State of Paraná that has around €4.5 million in annual revenu
  5. Brazil: Embrapol Sul (Parana) Partnership agreement
  6. Brazil: Farol (Rio Grande de Sol)
  7. Brazil: GBO, a major distributor of finished and semi-finished lenses in Sao Paolo with 2009 revenue of approximately €3 million.  .
  8. Brazil: Optiminas 
  9. Brazil: PSA Nilo 
  10. Brazil: Prime Optical, prescription laboratory in Rio de Janeiro
  11. Brazil: Majority stake in Repro, a prescription laboratory located in Florianópolis, in the State of Santa Catarina
  12. BrazilRiachuel
  13. Brazil; RX, a Recife-based  prescription laboratory in Pernambuco state,
  14. Brazil: Segment, ophthalmic lens manufacturer and distributor based in São Paulo state in Brazil. Manufacture and distributes consumables, maker of medium and high-index ophthalmic lenses. Low-vision equipment, lab instruments and eyecare professionals, including for lens tinting and specialty coatings such as the mirror effect. (Majority Stake)
  15. Brazil: Tecnolens (Bahia) lab
  16. Brazil: Unilab (North Eastern) lab
  17. Brazil: Visolab Produtos Opticos Ltda, prescription laboratory located in the State of Sergipe
  18. Chile: Megalux partner lab- Based in Santiago, Megalux has five branches and generates annual revenue of €7 million
  19. Chile: Ópticas OPV Ltda purchased in 2015
  20. Chile:Laboratorio Óptica Ltda majority stake
  21. Costa Rica: Grupo Vision, an integrated laboratory and distributor based in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Around US$40 million in revenue in 2014.
  22. Columbia: Servi Optica, 51% stake, prescription laboratories. An Essilor distributor, through the Varilux® and Shamir lenses in Colombia, Servi Optica is the market’s leading distributor of ophthalmic lenses
  23. Mexico: Sistemas Ópticos Integrales, S.A. de C.V (SOI), (Mexico) an ophthalmic lens distributor based in Oaxaca state. two prescription laboratories and several distribution centers,
  24. Mexico: Crystal y Plástico Mexico (2012) based in Guadalajara.
  25. Peru: Ocutec Laboratorio, (Peru) a prescription laboratory with around €3 million in revenue
  26. Santo Domingo: Opti Express, a prescription laboratory that operates primarily in the Santo Domingo area. Majority Interest


  1. Riverside Optical, a group of prescription laboratories that operates in Quebec and Ontario, Partnership
  2. Aries Optical Member of The Essilor Group
  3. Benson Edwards Optical Lab
  4. Canoptic
  5. Cascade (British Columbia)
  6. CPS 360 Optical Lab
  7. Econo-Optic– (New Brunswick) subsidiary of Essilor Canada Ltée since 2010.
  8. Fundy Vision Optical Laboratory (New Brunswick)
  9. Imperial Eyewear


  1. Wallace Everett Lens Technology: prescription laboratory 33% to 66% equity
  2. Advanced Optical Supplies: prescription laboratory in the state of Victoria
  3. City Optiks ‘Backed up by Optical Supply of Australia, which is a division of Essilor Australia’
  4. Eye Biz Laboratory  incorporated in 1964 and is based in Sydney, Australia. As of February 8, 2010, Eyebiz Laboratories Pty Limited operates as a subsidiary of Essilor International.
  5. Joint-venture will manage Eyebiz Pty LimitedLuxottica’s Sydney-based optical lens finishing laboratory, which, as a result of this alliance, will be majority-controlled by Essilor.  Eyebiz will continue to supply all of Luxottica’s retail optical outlets in Australia and New Zealand: OPSM, Budget Eyewear and Laubman & Pank.  

Essilor-Luxottica  Eyewear Companies

Proprietary Brands Luxottica: Arnette, Alain Mikli, Persol, Oakley, RayBan, Starck, Vogue

Proprietary Brands Essilor: Anarchy, Foster Grant, Gargoyles, Magnivision, Sight Station, SolarShield, Costa, Native

Licensed Brands Luxottica: Armani, Brooke Brothers, Burberry, Bvlgari, Chanel, Coach, Disney, DKNY, Dolce and Gabbana, Donatella Versace, Donna Karan, Ferrari, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Paul Smith, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany, Tory Burch, Versace, Valentino, Yves St. Laurent

Licensed Brands Essilor: Dockers, Essence Eyewear, Hello Kitty, Levis, Body Glove, Field and Stream, Jeff Banks, Marvel, Mongoose, Nine West, No Fear, Panama Jack, Rawlins, Reebook. Revlon, Schwinn, Sophia Vergara, Star Wars

Essilor Frames; They do not own these companies; ‘We created this site so that Eye Care Professionals would have a convenient place to review the frame selections available to our wholesale customers. If you are a consumer looking for frames or eyewear, please consult your local eye care practice. ECPs can browse the site for listings of the brands and styles we carry, along with pictures and order numbers for the frames. 

At the CFDC (Central Frame Distribution Center) we stock a large selection of frames from some of the premiere vendors in the industry. From Designer and Value frames to functional and stylish Safety frames, we have the selection you need and expect.’

Eyewear Companies 

  1. Global: FGX Eyewear (Essilor): Sold online and through retailers Dockers, Foster Grant, Essence Eyewear, Hello Kitty, Levis, Body Glove, Field and Stream, Jeff Banks, Gargoyle, Marvel, Mongoose, Nine West, No Fear, Panama Jack, Rawlins, Reebook. Revlon, Schwinn, Sophia Vergara, Star Wars. Purchase Price:$465 Million
  2. Global: FGX-Corrine McCormick (Essilor): Purchased via FGX. Optical accessories, including readers. Sold online and through retailers.
  3. Global: Costa Del Mar (Essilor) (Florida) Sunglass-lens company, sold online and through retailers. Includes Native Eyewear.
  4. Global: Oakley (CA) and includes ESS Eyewear (Hailey, ID) (Luxottica) Purchased in 2007 for $2.7 Billion. This included, Oliver Peoples, Arnette, Revo, Optical Shop of Aspen and more.
  5. China:  Xiamen Yarui Optical, (Essilor) China’s leading supplier of mid-range sunglasses. ‘Designs and manufactures non-prescription sunglasses that are sold in China under a variety of brands, including Bolon® and Molsion®, two of the country’s best known sunglass brands*. Positioned in the fast-growing mid-range segment, Xiamen Yarui Optical products are sold mainly to Chinese eyecare professionals and department stores representing in all some 30,000 sales outlets throughout the country. The company has a plant in Xiamen, in southeastern China.owner of Bolon® brand – the leading sunwear brand in China.’ Bolon Eyewear has about 10 retail locations.
  6. Australia: Eyres Optics, (Essilor) (Australia) a producer and distributor of prescription sunglasses and safety eyewear with annual revenue of around $6 million AUS. Shamir acquired a majority stake
  7. Canada: Suntech Optics via FGX-(Essilor) (Canada) Purchased in 2013 Includes Ryders, Naked Eye Enterprises and Bugaboos Eyewear Corporation. Sunglasses and reading glasses under proprietary brands including Infokus® and Solair™. Suntech’s base business is comprised of retailers in the drug, grocery and mass channels of distribution. Suntech has distribution in over 2,800 retail outlets throughout Canada.Ryders Eyewear markets an extensive range of tinted, polarized and photochromic sunglasses in more than 1,800 retail locations in North America, South America and Europe.
  8. France: Infield Safety, (Essilor) (France) a prescription safety eyewear wholesaler with around €2.5 million in annual revenue that was consolidated in 2015.
  9. Italy: FGX purchased Polinelli, distributor of non-prescription eyewear  Polinelli’s products are sold primarily in supermarkets and hypermarkets, motorway service areas and specialized chains.
  10. Mexico: FGX International increased its stake in AAiJoske’s, a distributor of non-prescription eyewear in Mexico and certain other Latin American countries, from 50% to 100%. AAiJoske’s, whose brands include Foster Grant®, has been renamed FGX Latin America
  11. South Africa; One Vision Optical Pty Ltd.,(Essilor)  an eyewear, readers and sunglasses distributor with around €6 million in revenue, which also markets comprehensive vision solutions to independent opticians. (Majority Stake)
  12. UK: Fabris Lane dba Three Hundred was purchased via FGX Eyewear in 2015. It included online retail Red Hot Sunglasses. Fabris Lane is a wholesaler as well and has the licenses for Karen Millen, Lipsy, Animal and Oliver Goldsmith.
  13. UK: Framed Vision, Readers. Essilor
  14. USA: Dioptics (Essilor) (San Luis Obispo, CA) Over the glasses sunglass company. Sold online and through retailers.
  15. USA: Radar PaceTM, x Intel: (Luxottica) smart eyewear featuring a real-time voice activated coaching system. Seeking to redefine the way athletes train, Radar Pace is the result of years of research and development between Luxottica’s Oakley brand and Intel
  16. USA: FGX: Stylemark– (Essilor) purchased in 2011. Reading glasses sold online-merged

Essilor- Luxottica  Online Eyewear- Contact Lens companies

  1. USA: glasses.com (Luxottica) purchased in 2014.
  2. USA: Coastal.com (Essilor)
  3. USA: eyebuydirect.com- (Essilor) Launched in 2005, their online arena has operations in China, Hong Kong and the U.S. They have a global reach. Purchased in 2013.
  4. USA: framesdirect.com-(Essilor) (Texas) majority stake in Frames for America, which operates the FramesDirect.com website and generates annual revenue of approximately $10 million.
  5. USA1-800-Contacts- (Luxottica) Just opened their first brick and mortar location under the Lumen name.
  6. USA: Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear : For Eyecare professionals.
  7. Canada- Australia: Clearly.com (Essilor)  purchased in 2014 for $387 Million. Online retailer.
  8. South America-BrazileÓtica(Essilor) online vendors of contact lenses, sunglasses and prescription glasses
  9. South America-Brazile-lens- (Essilor) a major online contact lens distributor.
  10. Asia- India: lensandspecs.com-(Essilor )
  11. Asia-India: coolwinks.com (Essilor)
  12. Europe-Germany: lensbest.com -(Essilor)-Contact lenses
  13. Europe: lensway.com- (Essilor )
  14. EuropeMyOptique Group Ltd.-(Essilor) ‘European online prescription glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses business. MyOptique Group reported £57 million in revenue in the year ended April 30, 2016. The company’s unique value proposition is built around a successful multi-category, multi-brand model, which is being deployed through a number of local websites, such as Glasses Direct (prescription glasses) and SunglassesShop (non-prescription sunglasses) in the UK, and LensOn (contact lenses) mainly in the Nordic countries.  House brands: London Retro and Scout marketed by Glasses Direct. It serves around one million active customers.
  15. Europe- UK: visiondirect.com- (Essilor) online contact lens retailer, with revenue of around £33 million in 2015. Vision Direct does a majority of its business in the UK and Ireland,

Luxottica and Essilor Retail Stores: This information is approximate and taken from various sources including their websites.

  1. Global: Alain Mikli – Luxottica (15 Locations) Global
  2. Global: Lenscrafters– Luxottica (1500 locations) Global
  3. Global: Oakley– Luxottica (275 Locations) Global
  4. Global: RayBan Stores Luxottica (number unknown)
  5. Global: Sunglass Hut-Luxottica (3264 locations) Global
  6. Global: Kodak Vision Centers– Essilor- number unknown
  7. Ilori – OSA – Luxottica (100 locations)
  8. USA: Perc/The Professional Eyecare Resource Co-Operative/Infinity Vision Alliance (PERC/IVA)- (4000 locations) Essilor
  9. USA: Vision Source- Essilor with 3300+ Locations
  10. USAOptiPort Alliance – Essilor (investment) in 2016
  11. USA: Pearle Vision- Luxottica (600 locations, USA)
  12. USA: Macy’s – Luxottica (500) agreement to open Sunglass Huts in up to 500 Macy’s stores.
  13. USA: Sears-Target, 581 Sears Optical and 476 Target Optical- Luxottica
  14. USA: Oliver Peoples– Luxottica (22 locations)

South America- Luxottica and Essilor Retail Stores:  According to Euromonitor: In 2015, the eyewear industry in Latin America, valued at US$12.0 billion, recorded a decline of 16%. Brazil is the single largest market, accounting for 45% of Latin American eyewear value sales.

  1. Brazil: Grupo Techno- (Luxottica)  (90 locations) purchased 100% in 2011. Included House and licensed brands, wholesale distribution activities, an optical retail chain of 90 stores and a central, leading-edge, laboratory.
  2. Brazil: Oticas Carol(Luxottica)  (Approximately 950 locations) Established in 1997, includes ownership and franchises.
  3. Guatemala: Optical Center (Essilor Optical) laboratory with 50 stores
  4. Multi Opticas –(Luxottica)  (470 Locations)  purchased in 2009 GMO and Sun Planet names.Opticas GMO, Econopticas and Sun Planet retail brands in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. South America with more than 470 stores, as follows: 221 in Chile, 141 in Peru, 40 in Ecuador and 77 in Colombia. In 2010 they posted total net sales exceeding 80 million Euros.
  5. Mexico: Stanza and High Tech,(Luxottica) retailers focusing on sunglasses, with over 70 retail stores in Mexico. purchased in 2010 and now named Sunglass Hut

Europe Luxottica and Essilor Retail Stores

  1. Spain: Inveroptic– Luxottica  (90 Locations) to be Sunglass Huts. Purchased in 2014.
  2. Spain:Sun Planet– Luxottica (10 stores under Cottet Sol) to be Sunglass Huts.
  3. Spain- Portugal: Luxottica Sun Planet (120 stores) rebranded to Sunglass Huts.
  4. FranceGaleries Lafayette to open Sunglass Huts
  5. Italy: Salmoiraghi and Vigano– Luxottica (400 locations) 36% equity Stake in 2012.
  6. UK: David Clulow – Luxottica (115 locations)

Australia Retail Stores 

  1. Lauben and Pank- (Luxottica) (47 stores)
  2. OPSM- (Luxottica) (380 locations)
  3. Just Spectacles (Luxottica) purchased in 2010 with 44 stores. This was purchased from Hal-Holding via Safilo.

East-Asia Eyewear Essilor- Luxotttia Retail Stores 

  1. China: Bolon Eyewear- (Essilor) established 2004, has stores in  China, Singapore and Phillipines.
  2. China: Ming Long Optical- (Luxottica)  (298 locations)
  3. China– Global: Mujosh- (Essilor) (division of Photosynthesis Group) approximately 600 stores in the world, with new openings in Canada
  4. China: Molsion Eyewear (Essilor)  Focus on duty free market. Essilor established 2017,
  5. China; Prosun.com (Essilor)
  6. China: Xueliang Optical – (79 stores) (Luxottica) purchased and added to their  70 stores in Hong Kong. (2005)
  7. India: GKB– (Essilor)  (60 locations)
  8. Israel: Erroca (Luxottica) 60 stores in sunglass specialty


  1. Sunglass World– Luxottica  (42 locations)

Essilor Equipment

  1. 1-800 Opti-Source: (Florida) (Essilor) optical suppliesEssilor Instruments (Essilor)
  2. Axis Medical Canada Inc.: (Essilor), an optical instruments distributor to eyecare professionals with revenue of around CAD 6 million
  3. Bazell Technologies: (Essilor)
  4. DAC Vision: (Essilor)
  5. Frame Displays(Essilor)manufactures and distributes display furniture and accessories for optical stores
  6. Interactive Visual System (IVS): Subsidiary of Essilor, receives a Silmo d’Or for Deep Lights by Activisu – the first connected device for vision health. It enables eye care professionals to more easily demonstrate to their customers the transparency of lenses and how they reduce UV rays or block certain harmful lightwaves.
  7. Optics India: (Essilor) a distributor of edging equipment
  8. Satisloh: (Essilor)
  9. SCL International: (Essilor) French manufacturer of cleaning and hard coating machines that also engineers and produces coatings for plastic lenses
  10. Stereo Optical: (merger) (Essilor)
  11. Sunix: (Australia) (Essilor) optometric practice management systems. 2009
  12. Topcon Visioncare Japan: (Essilor)the distributor of Topcon’s optometry line and Essilor’s lens finishing line to opticians in Japan, to 51%.
  13. Satisloh’s acquisition of a majority stake in CM Equipamentos Ópticos de Precisão” Based in Petropolis, Brazil, CM is active in the manufacture of ophthalmic lens surfacing machines, has nearly 90 employees and generates around €8 million

Essilor Buying Groups

  1. CECOP (Europe: Essilor-Buying group with 800 domestic optical stores as well as operations in Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
  2. OOGP: (Grants Pass, OR) Essilor- Majority stake in 2007. OOGP is a distributor of contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, ophthalmic instruments and healthcare supplies.
  3.  Optitrade Logistics Center (OLC): (Netherlands) Essilor. Majority Stake purchasing alliance of around 650 optical stores in this country.

Essilor Contact Lenses

  1. Optic Club: Russia-contact lens distributor. Optic Club’s product offering and regional footprint will tie in well with Company Grand Vision, the distributor of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses acquired in 2014

Essilor Technology- Low Vision

  1. Majority interest in Technologies Humanware a leading designer and distributor of electronic aids for the blind and vision impaired (2013)

Consumer Information- Insurance

  1. All About Vision (San Diego) Essilor purchased in 2016
  2. EyeMed (Insurance) Luxottica acquired First American Health Concepts in 2001 for $25 Million and merged with EyeMed


Both Essilor and Luxottica are active in charitable giving throughout the world. Both participate in World Sight Day and Think About Your Eyes.

Essilor Vision Foundation Global Charity which includes Kids Vision For Life

Luxottica: OneSight was formulated in 2008 with the merging of three charities: Give the Gift of Sight, Pearle Vision Foundation in North America and Community I-Care in Australia



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