Who Is Russell Simmons? Activist, Vegan, Philanthropist, Mogul

Wayne McGee, Russell Simmons. Photo, courtesy of VisionCare Product News

When The McGee Group told me they signed Russell  Simmon’s Argyleculture brand for Eyewear, I can’t tell you how excited I was. Russell Simmons happens to be one of my heros for many  reasons: He is an activist, a  vegan due to environmental and animal rights concerns,  really into yoga and gives back considerably. USA Today named Russell Simmons on oth the Top 25 Most Influential People of the Past 25 Years due to his influence on music, fashion, finance, television and film, as well as the face of modern philanthropy.

‘Simmons’ goal in life has been to give back to the community and the world around him. “It’s our job to continue to give back…I want to contribute more to earth than I take away from it.” But, ever the businessman, Simmons’ desire to help others does not come at the cost of his business savvy. After all, says Simmons, “It’s hard to help the poor if you’re one of them.” (Source and a great article)

This is a man that if you asked 50% of your friends, they wouldn’t even know who he is, like Warren Buffett. I didn’t know either until about 5 years ago, one of my nephews looked at me like I was an idiot, so I had to go on my favorite site wikipedia to look him up. After that and watching interviews, I was impressed and he became an inspiration.

So who is he? One of the richest men in Hip Hop and in the USA, one of the most influential in the music business, known for labels,

Wayne McGee With Argyleculture

Phat Farm and American Classics, co-found label Def Jam, was married to Kimora Lee and is an Goodwill Ambassador for the UN…. He just came out with a new book called Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All (Amazon)

Awhile back he launched ArgyleCulture a preppy line of apparel, quite unusual for a Hip Hop, in fact completely in opposite, Can you imagine, no bling, no baggy pants, oversized Tees and horrors, tied shoes.

And he was at Vision Expo, showing up quietly, talking to people quietly and I missed him. But fortunately for us, Vision Care Product News got a great shot!

In our Earth Week Month, we celebrate celebrities that are inspiring and truly give back to people in need, that charitable work is not just a public relations ploy, but something that comes from the heart. In that we laud Russell Simmons in his work and McGee for their licensing agreement.


What the book is about:

  • The true self already knows it is a servant. Look inside for results and not out. Look inside for inspiration and not outside. Accept that happiness is up to you and every choice that you make has to come from inside you. You have to be comfortable with it. Don’t let your teachers tell you what to do. Note for yourself. If you sit still, you — as one individual — have the power to change your world. Take stock in the self. Operate from abundance, the number of people’s lives you inspire by being a good giver. Have faith that you can change. The whole book is about the journey inward. And when you get inside and you are connected, then all miracles are possible

A Few of Russell Simmons Charitable Works

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