What’s New in Contact Lenses?


What’s New in Contact Lenses?

Cathy and I like to keep informed about new products and technology in the optical industry. We were talking about contact lenses as I have been trying them out and I am still looking for the perfect solution for my uneven, aging eyes. We went to one of our sponsors and asked Dallas Erickson, Marketing Manager of Soderberg to help us out with some information about What’s New in Contact Lenses? Dallas told me about Flexlens® which I want to try for myself as it sounds like these contact lenses might be an answer to my personal vision problem and she put us in touch with Kim Boles of X-Cel Contact Lenses who provided us with the following article about Flexlens®.

What is Flexlens®?

Flexlens® are high quality soft contact lenses that are made to order and offer designs and parameters not available in other soft contact lens product lines. Every lens is designed with state of the art technology and offers the best warranty available in the market, 90 days of unlimited exchanges or full cancellation. Production time on any Flexlens® products, whether standard or custom parameters, is from 2 to 3 business days.

The lenses are designed using a “Turbo Lens Software” using the “Rank Pneumo Optoform,” an advanced 2 axis computer numerically controlled ultra precision lathe. This technology allows us to make Flexlens® in any Base Curve, Diameter, Axis or Power, giving the doctors the ability to fit a wide range of patients. Flexlens bends to the needs of each patient. Doctors can choose a wide range of materials and water content. Flexlens is available in materials such as; hioxifilcon B 49%, hefilcon A 45%, and methafilcon A 55%.

Our most successful designs are: the Flexlens Tricurve Keratoconus, Flexlens Toric, and our latest addition, the Flexlens Multifocal. The Tricurve Keratoconus is a completely soft contact lens that incorporates 3 peripheral curves in the back surface of the lens. It also provides a thicker center that ranges from 0.45 thick to 0.65. The 3 peripheral curves and the thicker center gives the Tricurve Keratoconus the rigidity it needs to treat keratoconus and to mask the astigmatism created by the corneal deformation due to keratoconus.

The toric lens offers parameters not available in other soft contacts lenses. We can manufacture this lens in any base curve, diameter, power and axis. Because all eyes are not the same, we give doctors the opportunity of fitting a contact lens that adapts to your patient needs and the different characteristics of their eyes.

X-Cel Contacts has recently added the Flexlens® Multifocal to their specialty products line. The Flexlens Multifocal is a custom multifocal vision system that utilizes a dominant and non-dominant eye approach providing patients with excellent distance, intermediate, and near vision. With the extended range of parameter availability, you can successfully fit patients from emerging to moderate and advanced. The Flexlens Multifocal has an aspheric front surface and a spherical base curve that is fit on the non-dominant eye. A spherical Flexlens is fit on the dominant eye. The collective simultaneous vision concept offers functional vision from distance to near throughout the viewing range.

The Flexlens® line of custom soft contact lenses offers Flexibility Your Patients Can Afford.

Source: Kim Boles, X-Cel Contact Lenses

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