What’s It Worth? Vintage Courreges Eskimo Sunglasses For $1250.00


I’m searching for these images and come across this site called Antique Dress. Out of curiousity I scrolled through the accessory section to see what and if they had eyewear. Check these out:

#5707 – c. 1965 EXTREMELY RARE Iconic André Courrèges Lunette “Eskimo” (or “Eclipse” or Slit”) White Sunglasses! Museum Worthy! Unbelievable!!!  Not one, not two or even three… but 8 pairs of these extremely rare sunglasses of old store stock left in a box – untouched in over 40+ years!!!! (OK,  I touched one just to take the photograph and to look it over… and yes, try it on – who could resist!).  Mint condition!  IN THE ORIGINAL BOX which stamped with “Made in France” and handwritten in pencil, “8 pieces Courreges”.  The glasses are each still wrapped in a plastic wrap, and laying in waiting.  Who knew they’d be waiting so long!!!   A lightweight, softish white plastic with writing on the inside of the glasses (or at least the one I opened) with a Patent number and the word “Depose” embossed in the plastic and the word “Courreges” in silver on the exterior earpiece.  NOTE:  When the Musée de la Mode et du Textile at the Louvre in Paris had their MOD Exhibition in 2002, this was the photo selected for the poster art!  And this from a museum with over 16,000 costumes and 35,000 fashion accessories going from the 16th century to modern times. Pretty impressive, eh? I’ve contacted a few museums to check on the authenticity of these glasses, and have found that there were a few slightly different versions (in various museums), some with the grommets, some without.  All museum pieces.

I WAS selling these glasses complete in the box for one price… or each separately (as I know there will be many who don’t need/want all 8 pair).  But one pair has SOLD, so the complete box is no longer available.  But as you purchase each separately, at least you know they came from ONE previous owner and are all original to this one store stock box! I will give you a COA from Antiquedress.com stating that with a photo of the original box on that COA.

$ 1,250. each pair  button34.jpg   7 Pairs Still Available.

What is so funny, I have a vintage Eskimo that says Playboy on the inside that was a Neostyle prototype, never worn either. Wonder if I could get $1200.00 for it??

#7278 – c. 2009 Screen Worn “Lolita” MOSCHINO Heart Shaped Sunglasses worn by Amanda Tanen as Becki Newton in Season 4’s “The Bahamas Triangle” Episode of ABC-TV’s UGLY BETTY!  Impossible to find!  In researching this item, I found that they were originally worn during the Spring 2006 Moschino Runway show, and then were manufactured as a “special limited edition” by Moschino and sold in the fabulous heart-


shaped red patent leather case (which can be used as a small purse). I soon realized that this is one hot item and sold out very quickly!  One of the reasons may be because the ever trendy Madonna chose these heart-shaped glasses for her Sticky and Sweet concert tour, worn during her She’s Not Me song… she then throws into the crowd at the end of the song. You can watch all this on YouTube! SO… if you’ve been one of those gals hunting everywhere for glasses, especially in white… look no further!  A great gift for a Madonna or Ugly Betty fan! An investment piece! Guaranteed Original! Near Mint condition!    

Take those vintage eyeglasses and put them up on the shelves!

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Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. I have second thoughts about originality Courrages Eskimo sunglasses
    I find minimum 3 vintage shops and they all with story about 8 pair Eskimo’s sunglasses in original box since 1960’s..
    You can buy even on ebay lot of 8ps.
    Why you think it original, why not fake? AS a proof it said in story they looks like from old photo.
    Maybe it just nice story ?
    I’m a wholesaler of optical frames since 1980’s,have stock lot from a few brands ,like Alpina…
    I do have invoices, no story about treasure in attic.
    If you opticians you know that fake Alpina M1 available now also, because it easy to make fast money

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