What’s It Worth? President Lincoln Opera Glasses- $700,000


The opera glasses carried by U.S. president Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated in 1865 was to be auctioned  in April of 2012 and expected to get between $500,000 and $700,000.

During the second act of the play, stage actor John Wilkes Booth jumped into the President’s viewing box and shot Lincoln in the head with a pistol.

The opera glasses were found in the street outside the theater by a Washington D.C. city guard as he helped transport the president to nearby Petersen House, where Lincoln later died.

“Lincoln used literature and the theater as a means of escape from the daunting demands of the presidency. The glasses are the best and most well-documented relic existing from the first Presidential assassination,” Sanders said in a statement.

The glasses were confirmed to fit “precisely” into the carrying case held at the Ford’s Theater National Historic site, and were purchased by Forbes magazine publisher Malcolm Forbes, Sr. in 1979 from the McCamly’s family.

The opera glasses came on the market in June 2011 and expected to sell for the same $500-$700,000 and failed to sell.

The auction was held on April 30 and expected to sell for the same price. 3 days before the auction began, 14 online bids came up to over $252,000.

The glasses (or at least the the best of google) again did not sell.

Kala Mid Page