What’s Hot For Summer – Optical Summer Interns


The Great Recession is slowly recovering but unemployment numbers are still at the worst since 1948. It is hard for people without experience to jump into the workplace, especially new graduates. There will be many students needing summer internship positions this summer and this is a low cost opportunity for optical businesses to see if they can find projects for students to work on that will benefit the business. Projects that the regular staff do not have the time or skills to attempt would be ideal.

Some What’s Hot for Summer – Optical Summer Intern project examples:

  • Improving on or even creating a data base for customer mailings and follow ups

I recently read that ClearVision Optical has been selected as the Dowling College Internship Program “Employer of the Semester” for the Spring 2010 term. Reading this prompted me to write this post as Internship programs are a benefit to both parties and I have personally been a big fan of doing this for a long time. I believe the employer and other optical employees can learn from the intern. ClearVision Optical has been involved in internships for many years and is a great example of giving back to the community by mentoring the younger generation. Over 50 companies were considered for the award upon student nomination. ClearVision was the top contender based on the number and caliber of internship opportunities offered and the commitment made to help Dowling College students complement their education with real life experience.

Internships are appropriate in just about any working environment from a small optical practice to a multinational optical company. We would like to hear about any optical internship programs that you have been involved in or any tips as part of our What’s Hot for Summer topics.

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  1. Your internship post could not have been more timely for us Shirley! Just last night Jim & I were working on a strategy for our summer intern.

    Congrats to ClearVision on receiving the Employer of the Semester award. You are a class act!

  2. […] “Hire Me, Maybe” is a reflection of ClearVision’s innovative internship program, which strives to help students build a great foundation through mentoring, skills enhancement, and hands on work. And, as the song will tell you, an internship at ClearVision is more than just getting coffee and filing papers! No wonder they have been highly noted for their internship programs e.g. on one of the nation’s leading internship websites – One Day, One Internship and Dowling College Internship Program “Employer of the Semester” for the Spring 2010 term. […]

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