What vision insurance do you have? Comments Wanted-Needed!


How many times in a day do we ask this question?  How many times is the answer “I don’t know”?

It seems that most patients know their medical insurance carrier, but have no clue who holds their vision policy.  Sometimes you can get the information by the employer name or school, but a lot of times the information is elusive.  Do you have a special website or program that helps you get the much-needed information?  Do you randomly search a couple of tried-and-true insurance companies on-line and hope for the best?  How much time do you spend searching for the information?

How can we educate the public?   Most patients rely on their insurance cards to give them the information, but there are vision insurance carriers that do not issue cards. Plus, the insurance can change every benefit year.  Should we start by educating the insurance companies?

I’d like to know your opinion on this issue.  Share your comments…

Guest Post by Sandra Durant CPOC, a certified  Paraoptometric Coder. Sandra has been working in insurance for over 18 years and the past 5.5 in Optometry. She earned her  certification as a CPOC (Certified Paraoptometric Coder) last year and is a member of the AOA’s CPOC Committee in which she assists in the design of the CPOC exams. 

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  1. So I’m wondering where the system fails. Is the system broken from insurance company to employer or employer to employee? Communication is key in this situation. We try our hardest to help our patients figure out what kind of coverage they have but it does require their cooperation as well. Has anyone out there used the ECP Manager? We had some discussion about that system yesterday. Looking for someones input about that system and if it is worth the money.

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