What to Look For in New Optical Hires


A new optical employee is a big investment and knowing when you have found the right candidate is vital and is one of the most important aspect of Human Resource responsibilities. This means more than following your instincts. Supervisors need to know what important criteria to look for in new hires.

The following are red flags to be aware of when recruiting new optical employees:

Energy and Flexibility!

1. Flexibility. For most jobs, you don’t want a rigid person who can only do things one way. You want someone who is capable of blending in and being open to how things operated within the company.

2. Dependability. This may not be the world’s most exciting trait, but it surely is a useful one. This optical employee shows up on time, meets deadlines, performs well and doesn’t make excuses when something goes wrong.

3. Loyalty. You aren’t interested in an employee who is going to move on to another company in six months. Someone who may appear too good to be true or who has been switching jobs for a couple of years may not be a good pick.

4. Energy. It’s a good idea to bring in an optical employee with obvious energy to add to your team. Enthusiasm is contagious and pretty soon you find all your employees, as well as the new staffer, working at enhanced levels of productivity.

Source: US Vision – Supervisor Support and Smart Supervision

Aspire MidPage June 19