What To Give The Older Mothers On Mothers Day


Mothers come in all ages these days… and while there are many things you can give the younger generation, one of the best things you can give to the older mothers and grandmothers is a set of good sunglasses.

The problem with this age group they have all had cataract surgery and think ‘They Don’t Need Glasses Any More…’ what a fallacy that is. They still wear readers and most likely have them scattered throughout the house. When you don’t need to wear glasses you get out of the habit of putting on a pair of sunglasses. You have probably seen this with your own family and friends much less your patients.

Over the last several years, I have given my older relatives Over Prescription Sunglasses. Multiple pairs. One for the house, one for the car and one for the purse.

Personally, because they can’t see, I like the ones with the side window. You can get them polarized, mirrored, grey lens, yellow lens, brown lenses… The options are endless as they can wear them over their ‘glasses they don’t need anymore.’

Aria Purple Heart with Crystals from Swarovski®
Aurora Brown Marble (Polarvue® Yellow

They are priced for multiple pairs, which is why I really like them. Keep your Mom’s eyes safe.. give a good pair of sunglasses.

Eyewear from Jonathan Paul Eyewear 



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