What To Eyewear With Angry Bird Fashion


Angry Birds are one of the top selling apps. In May of 2012 they passed 1 billion, yes BILLION downloads; that is over 200,000 years of combined play and over 300 million minutes of game play per day, nesting over $100 billion in profits.  This pretty much means the average consumer is aware of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Fashion has soared..(no pun intended)

An Angry Bird Store within a Store display concept would be a fun-engaging way to display red, blue, white and yellow frames. All you would need is some Angry Bill decals or prints, put into a clear sliding frame and voila an easy display.

If you are in Singapore there is already  Angry Bird Eyewear? Distributed by Sin Kwang Group.

But the majority of our readers are in the USA, so here are our top pics for What To Eyewear With Angry Bird Fashion.

Puma Eyewear Style 15134

Fun Angry Birds Eyewear 

OGI Style #9067
Lisa Loeb Eyewear Style Wishing Heart
Ete in Red, after all these do use real bird Feathers

Angry Bird Tee Shirt

Louie Vuitton

Angry Bird Dress 

Eyes of Faith Style 1003
Teija Vesterbacka, the wife of Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka
ClearVision Anatasia

Angry Bird Bra

Tura- Style-902068
Aspire MidPage June 19