What To Eyewear For National Gorilla Day On May 18


Many years ago in 2014 a fairly new company G-Seven Stars, created a bunch of fun animal sunglasses. I wish I had indulged myself and bought a pair, because since then have never found any sunglasses that can even match this look.

For National Gorilla Day on May 18 and believe it or not, we found a very rare pair of sunglasses with Gorillas from G-Seven Stars. They were made in collaboration with Au Jour Le Jour: The collection also included Hyenas, Pandas, Eyes, Gorillas, and Ostriches. I loved it as any animal lover would. Unfortunately, they are not on their website.

Just to keep the look in posterity, we bring to you their red Ape Glasses.

G-Seven Stars

More About Gorillas

  • Gorillas are an endangered species.
  • Approximately 100,000 Gorillas are left in the world with only 600 Mountain Gorillas.
  • Mountain Gorillas are considered critically endangered.
  • Gorillas are being poached for their parts as well as for meat.
  • Global warming is destroying the Gorilla habitat.
  • Virus such Ebola also kill Gorillas


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