Big isn’t always better but Big doesn’t have to be bad!

There is definitely a trend to larger ophthalmic frames which is a natural follow on from the extra large sunglasses we have been seeing for a couple of years now. The trend had been moving to smaller and smaller ophthalmic frames for many years. I hope my old ophthalmic lens manufacturing company held on to some of those larger molds for casting large diameter lenses because there is now a demand for them.

As we know, high minus prescriptions in a large eyeglass frame can mean pretty thick lens edges which are not very attractive and very disappointing for the customer if they are not expecting them. So should we be recommending a smaller eyeglass frame? Not necessarily, a combination of an aspheric lens design and ultra-thin high index material with polished lens edges and anti-reflective coating may be the answer. An aspheric design will improve the look of a high plus lens as well as it will be a much flatter lens.

It is still important to make sure the customer is aware of how the finished prescription will look and feel but the availability of ophthalmic aspheric lenses in ultra thin materials definitely expands the options for the optical customer.  I have noticed that my older male friends and relatives get very attached to their larger sized double bridged eyeglass frames. I have told them about high index and polycarbonate lens materials as an alternative and most have switched to a higher index. They have all been a lot happier with their thinner lighter lenses. Now if only I could get them to switch out of those old fashioned eyeglass frames!!

Claire Goldsmith MidPage