What Social Media Do Marketers Use?


Contrary to the rumors you may have heard, Facebook is far from dead. Despite all the troubles Facebook has faced recently with personal privacy issues, it is still, by far, the preeminent social media network, for both users and marketers.

According to a recent report by Social Media Examiner, marketers overwhelmingly prefer Facebook and the Facebook-owned Instagram over every other form of social media. Of the 5,700 marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner, 94% use Facebook. Instagram moved into 2nd place from 4th place last year, as Facebook made using Instagram as a marketing tool fairly easy from Facebook’s Ad Manager platform. Instagram is now used by 66% of marketers in the survey this year, compared to 54% in 2017. Twitter fell to 3rd place moving from 66% down to 62% this year. Bringing up the rear is the newest and one of the most talked about social media networks, Snapchat. As our chart clearly shows, only 8% of marketers are working with Snapchat. That is an increase of 1% from 2017, but marketers en masse have yet to embrace Snapchat. It could be that any new feature Snapchat comes up with is quickly copied by Facebook/Instagram and therefore eliminates the urgency for people to switch social media networks for whatever is the hottest trend of the moment.

As part of the survey, Social Media Examiner split the respondents into new social media marketers (less than one year) and compared them with experienced social media marketers (over 5 years experience). Once again, Facebook is preferred by both groups, but the adoption of the other platforms is greatest among the more experienced social media marketers.

B2C marketers prefer Facebook and Instagram while B2B marketers top choices are Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is ranked as the most important social media network for B2C companies at 75%, followed by Instagram at just 11%. For B2B marketers, Facebook is again the preferred network at 54% followed by LinkedIn at 28%.

We don’t have any accurate statistics as to whether ECP’s market any differently than the marketing community at large. If I had to venture an educated guess, I would say that since most ECP’s are small businesses, the majority would be a year or two behind the curve of those who do marketing full time in adopting new social media platforms and strategies.

To see the entire Social Media Examiner survey, click here.



Aspire MidPage June 19