Eye Need To Know: What Does It Mean When You Dream About Eyes?

Photo: rohini-myweirdestdreams.blogspot.com

Eye Didn’t know this: When dreaming about eyes, means you are entering a new arena and focussing on a new direction. Symbolizes, enlightenment, knowledge, understanding, good things.

Dreaming about something in the eye: Obstacles in your way.

Dreaming about having only one eye:  Could mean you are being only one-sided.

Dreaming about having three eyes: You might have untapped psychic ability. (Tap into this fast and get winning lotto numbers). You can trust yourself and your instincts.

Dreaming about injured or closed eyes: Refusal to see truth. Could be feelings of pain, hurt.

Dreaming about crossed eyes: Not seeing straight, check out the facts.

Dreaming about rolling your eyes: Shows you are not interested.

Dreaming about your eyes bleeding: This means you have sacrificed and have undergone difficulties. In other words you are hurting.



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