What Are Your Eyes Worth To You?

I would rather have a cup of coffee than to see and look better

The viral campaign has begun on the high cost of eyewear and lenses. You have all read about the Today Show article plus all the other articles on why pay more. Then I came across this other article on What Are Your Eyes Worth To You about measuring your PD.

‘So what should we, the customers, do about this? Well, first, you can ask your eye doctor to measure your PD for you – they might not, but it is worth a shot. Second, you can measure it yourself, by a variety of methods. Third and finally, you can ask opticians to do it, and then walk out if they are unwilling to measure your PD, even for a fee.  (Read the links, the article and the comments) The article goes on to say you can walk out and order from Zenni Optical.

Conversely, if someone is balking at the price of their eyewear and or wants to take their PD online, I would ask them ‘If they think their eyes are only worth $8.00?’ What is worth more- a $100 purse or better vision? Would you rather have your eyes/face look good all day or your purse look good occasionally? Would you rather have your eyewear dispensed by a licensed and educated professional or a non-entity that you have no idea if they were flipping burgers yesterday. Are you saying your eyes are worth the price of 2 cups of coffee?

Here is what I think- the very human reaction is to be defensive – try turning it around and be proactive and ask your patients- Tell me ‘What Are Your Eyes Worth To You’.

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  1. Online retailing is coming – whether you like it or not. The question is – how can I evolve to be a part of the growth opportunity. Blockbuster could not stop Netflix and Redbox. Not many people thought that selling shoes online would be big because “people have to try it on first”, but look at Zappos.

    CyberImaging offers ECP’s the opportunity to get online very quickly and be a part of the growth.

    CyberEYES VTO allows you to establish your presence in the explosive online eyewear retail space. Using our toolkit you can quickly setup a frame and lens catalog using your custom price model. Your existing and prospective eyewear customers can register and upload their digital photo to your micro-site and shop at your virtual dispensary from the convenience of their computer every second of the year.

    We provide your optical team with our patented Digital Measurement tools as part of your subscription. If you have a remote patient without PD measurements, you simply email a digital fitting pad™ to the patient and they return their digial facial photo with the fitting pad. Your local software will allow you to calculate total PD, monocular PD’s and seg heights. Very simple, but very effective. Your online competitors do not have this functionality.

    Please view our website for more details. http://www.cyber-imaging.com

  2. What could be more defensive than “Tell Me, What Are Your Eyes Worth To You”?
    I like the idea of creating a positive environment by agreeing to free PD measurements. Use the time to sell yourself and your services. Some will leave, some will stay, and some will return to become good customers because like you and trust you.

  3. Great post, very helpful, I think online has to be embraced but no reason we should not be part of it and meet the challange headon with service and a reason for our patients to want to come to us for help and services

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