What Are Eyecare Professionals Sharing On Facebook?


I am sure there are a few of you that are experience FFS (Facebook Frustration Syndrome) How to get on timelines, how to get more likes, how to get the word out about your products, how to build your brand, what to share, what to say when sharing, who follow.

We have two FB pages, and quite honestly, I was dogging it so bad, it was terrible and my ego was at stake.  Made a decision to work on one of our sites The Optical Vision Site and really start tracking and seeing what works, and what is shared. What I know, Fun, Wacky stuff is always shared. But do you really want to make your FB page just that? How is that going to bring in either patients or hits to your website?

I don’t know what the answer is, I can just tell what I started to do to grow our LIKES on The Optical Vision Site and it seems to be working.

First, I started using #HashTags more. 2nd, I started to LIKE the people who liked and shared our post. People are more likely to share, if you LIKE them back. 3rd thing is I started to add more of a mix of Health, Trivia, Fun and Sales and Marketing posts (Hardly ever shared). Sometimes, I even do the radical thing and posts 2x a day.

I thought I would share some of the shares and the comments that were made on some our posts. It is important to remember that when you do share a post, MAKE A COMMENT and use #Hashtags

The #Sunday#Funday post got 84 Shares.

Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday

#Wellness #Wednesday we did a post on Understanding Type 2 Diabetes with this infographic. This unfortunately was only shared 5 times. The comments are an opportunity for eyecare professional to discuss diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

Share- Diabetic Protein

Share0 Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

Our Facebook #Friday #Funday.. You know you need an Eye Exam When…was shared 90 times. Loved this comment, that has a sense of humor, a club and #HashTags.

Eye Exam

Share- You Know you need and Eye Exam- MailboxOur #Triva #Tuesday on Tetrachromats Post was shared 30 times. An interesting bit of trivia could be.. I have seen 2 Techrachromats in my …. career. Again, in one of the comment, they did not make a comment, but used #Hashtags.

Tetrachromats- Trivia


Bottom line, pay attention to your shares and analytics, use hashtags and make comment when you share. I am still working on engagement.. need to ask more questions..

We thank each of you that have shared any of posts on OD’s on Facebook, Luxury Eyewear Forum and Opticians Forum and others. Eyecare Professionals will share health, funny, trivia posts, that their patients can share… that is the key.

Now if I can only get the same results on our sister page Optical Vision Resources .. Next project.

VEW Mid-Page 19


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