Wellness Wednesday: The Health Benefits of Papaya

The Health benefits of Papaya

I  love to travel and there are 2 fruits that I safely eat while out of the country. Bananas and Papayas. Full of Vitamins C and E, Christopher Columbus called the Papaya the ‘Fruit of The Angels’. Papayas are excellent for the prevention of atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease and prevention of colon cancer. Studies have shown that eating Fruit (including Papaya) lessen the risk of Macular Degeneration.

You can reuse the rind.. to help dry skin. Just rub it on skin..

The Health benefits of Papaya
The Health benefits of Papaya
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  1. cathy thank you so much for the papaya, you are so correct on the uses for the fruit and also the supplement available in health food stores ! good job!

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