Websites We Like: Unique Optique


We have blogged about different types of Eyecare websites, ones that sell Products, ones that are SEO Friendly and Eyecare Blogs. One type of website we have not blogged about is what we would call the ‘Pretty Artistic Website.’  Unique Optique in Frederick, Maryland is one of those sites. The website was designed by Erin Higgins sister of Maria Higgins OD. Photography by James Atkins Photography

First the header, shows screens shots of various activities in the nature of a picnic and family fun. Drinking lemonade, reading books, kids playing. You get the sense that families and friends are welcome.

The About Us: Takes a holistic embodiment approach. Instead of ‘hey we offer the best customer service’- they let you know that that health takes a priority over all. I get the feeling that they actually would care about me.. goes right along with the header picture.

‘Unique Optique’s style and presence was inspired by the Rose Curve. The Rose Curve is made by a geometric equation that produces a perfectly symmetrical graphic flower. It represents the fusion of nature, science and art working together and meeting at a common center.

In the Unique Optique office, Nature is represented by our pledge to approach prevention and treatment with holistic options first. Science is present in following the standard medical model of optometry and implementing the latest breakthrough research. Art is expressed through our desire to make all things beautiful from the fashion of the frames to the artistic design of the office.

EyeCare Services: Header Tab: Takes a unique approach, explains the process of an eye exam, why they do the things they do. I like it, how many times have you had to explain what you are doing and why?

Under Optique Tab: Lists products they offer, including: Spectacles, PhotoBooth which allows you to take pics and share, contact Lens, Vitamins and Artwork. They synergize with local artists and promote eye health. All good things.

What Should I Bring? Many times the person forgets to tell the patient what to bring. Good advice and rarely found on eyecare websites. We like the fact they promote paperless, a big consumer trend.

Their Home Page Says it all:  FUN 

We want you to have an engaging and interesting eye exam  followed by a colorful experience picking out spectacles.

We believe that:
• our patients are our friends and this friendship can last a lifetime.
• it’s our calling to meticulously design our patient’s correction options so
that they are comfortable and happy with how they look and what they see.
• we have a responsibility to present our patients with naturalistic,
preventative treatment options, in addition to standard medical treatments.
• we should reduce our impact on the environment.
• beauty and inspiration should surround us daily.

Bottom Line: They promote Eye Health and Prevention, Family, Fun, Artistic Expression, Local Artisans and Eco Friendliness. If you google optometrist in Frederick, Maryland, they come up on page one. We like it.

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