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It has been awhile since we did an eyecare website’s we like post and I couldn’t resist when this came across our goggle alerts:

Meet our sassy new optician…Sara! | Eye Spy Optical…/meet-our-sassy-new-optician-sara 5 days ago – We asked our new superstar a few questions. Hopefully these will hold you over until you can stop by and meet her for yourself=). What catches

The reason this came across- yep, you know it, its a blog which means posts like the above will show up on google a good thing. I really liked how they introduced their new optician, a little personal touch.

Back to the website: What we like

1.) Home Page: Not too much junk on the home page and it loads (Opens) very fast) Love the categories, Unique Frames, Unique Lenses.. so you get the feeling they are offering something out of the norm. What i would change is the Facebook and Twitter Icons at the top, they don’t really stand out and they Tweet and have a nice Twitter following.

Underneath the header is the Spectacular part and there are images. (Remember if you are using Flash, it will not show up on iPads or iPhones) Really like the artwork, is matches their logo, it’s a little funky and colorful which all ties in with their theme. I bet you, they never sell a brown frame. .

Scrolling down a little is their category section- Customer of the week, if you can do that great, people always want to see what other people are buying and it is like a personal testimonial. Love the upcoming events and they do trunk shows and the recent news, which they can promote new products, new staff etc. I love the fact they are promoting Annie Shades, a USA made- wood eyewear company. (We blogged on them a year ago)

The Footer; Patient History Forms, Love the Gift Certificates plug. The contacts lenses are a reorder form online (good) and even better, Newsletter sign up for emails.

One of my favorite tabs is the About Us. A good story, but I especially liked the staff part. First the name, then their qualification, ABOC, a statement about their eyewear wardrobe (good key words) and some personal information..

As a tree-hugger myself, absolutely loved this:

We Love to Hug Trees

When WTTW was looking for tree-hugger for a “Green” segment on Chicago Tonight, they called the Queen of Specs! So, as you can imagine, we have instilled green practices at Eye Spy Optical from day-one.

From printing on the back-sides of used paper; giving used packing materials to neighborhood business; emailing receipts; online order-entry systems; reusing dishes, cups, and silverware; urging vendors to reduce packaging, shipments, paper invoices & faxes; reducing, reusing, recycling & composting; purchasing used furniture, fixtures & office equipment; using cloth towels instead of paper; installing an extra pane of glass, insulation & LED bulbs in our storefront and installing CFL bulbs in-store, we tend to go a bit over-board in our desire to lessen our impact on the planet.!

The rest of the site is good, they promote fashionable eyewear which is 60-80% of an eyecare office income. good thing, they promote a comfortable and family atmosphere.

Not only is the site eye-catching, they have good use of key Words:

Key Words Usage:   If you attended any of the webinairs or read any of the posts by Dan Feldman, you now know about KEY Words. The important thing is to use key words appropriately. They are in Chicago, so they pretty much want key words such as optometrist, Chicago, funky glasses, eyeglasses, chicago, (they came up on page one, google) The only thing I can say is frames is not a key word. I would change frames or if using glasses to eyewear, sunwear etcc.

  • optical -12 mentions
  • eyeglasses- 2 mentions
  • eyeglass- 3 mentions
  • eyewear- 3 mentions
  • frames- 8 mentions
  • sunglass- 2 mentions
  • sunglasses- 2 mentions
  • sunwear- 0 mentions
  • specs- 13

All in all, I like the site, so if you are thinking about updating your website, take a look-see at Eye Spy.

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