Websites We Like : Eye See Euphoria


In my 35 years in this industry, I have run across only a few optometrists who love eyewear. When I say love eyewear, they appreciate it, they like to buy it, they like to wear it. This goes for both men and women, but in particular men. When I ran across a blog by an optometrists in North Carolina. I don’t know the optometrist unfortunately, but love the blog.

You can see his love an appreciation for eyewear. He doesn’t post everyday, but each piece is well written.

Eye See Euphoria

He gets quite a bit of engagement on his posts when he runs sunglass giveaways. It is interesting that it seems that the companies give him the sunglasses. (I do not know that for sure.)

Eye See Euphoria

The website is very simple, large pictures, little text, subscribe button and you have to subscribe if you want a chance to win sunglasses.

We encourage all retailers to have a blog on their website for a myriad of reasons. Our only recommendation is to make sure if you are practicing or have a shop that your name and address are easily found. For Eye See Euphoria, I am not quite sure what the point of the blog is. Obviously to share the love of eyewear, but there is nowhere to buy it. There is a giveaway, which is fun, but what is the point?

For me personally, when there is no contact information, I find it hard to believe that is is a legitimate business.

Still it is a great blog.

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