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Edge Optical Lower home page

There are always a lot of questions, of what to put on your website, how to get on page one of Google, what should you say. So whenever a website comes across my attention because they show up on page 1 of google using certain key words, we like to feature it.

I plugged in Eco Friendly Eyewear and Edge Optics Eyewear in Fort Collins, Colorado showed up and I can see why. On a animated banner it says:

Edge Optical Home Page 1

What I like is they devote a separate page just to their Eco Friendly Eyewear and Eyecare:  I have underlined key words that have helped them get on page 1 of Google. Of other note, they are using local suppliers- artists who most likely are promoting them as well.

Edge Optics Eco-Friendly Store Location  

We also employ eco-friendly practices at our store! We have put years of planning into implementing local, recycled products into our design with our chosen furnishings, artwork, and construction. Here are some highlights of the cool actions we’ve taken to better our practice and the environment:

Large Wooden Displays- We are using pine-beetle kill for our large wooden displays. The wood is actually really brilliant with varying shades of blue and green from the beetle tracks. Our displays were repurposed to provide a positive purpose! These pine beetle kill furnishings were created by:  Ryan Schlaefer @  All of his work is manufactured locally in Loveland, CO. 

Furniture- Our tables and reception desk were built with reclaimed steel from the old Which Wich sandwich shop that was in the space before. We were trying to think of creative ways to utilize these materials that would otherwise be thrown away. They are also made from old bike parts! These awesome designed are by a local Fort Collins artist named: Jared Cable of Whitney Cycling Designs.  He is a local metal designer that makes awesome art and useful furniture with repurposed materials.

Eco Design We have one of a kind iron frame holders as well as other iron artwork throughout the store. These pieces were very important in the design of our space and were created with a lot of time and energy by: John Micelli of Iron Works @

Local Artwork We have also found some amazing local artists to do the cool pieces for our walls!  Amy Heyse  Shane Pyles- Shane Pyles of Creations 

Recycled Frames We will also partner with the Lions Club to donate used frames for reuse to help people in need. And we will be contributing to “Project Vision” in Fort Collins.

On the Home page:  About Part, introduces the staff, Love the Gift Cards and the Advocates for Project Vision in Fort Collins (Key Words) and the sponsor CSU Cycling Team (Key words) And in the community, Fashion For Food. they are involved and it shows. Right on the home page is their professional affiliation with American Optometric Society and Colorado Optometric Society,  giving them creditability. The Facebook symbol is large and easy to find.

Edge Optical Lower home page
Edge Optical Lower home page

The Other Services Listing includes other key words, Dry Eye Management, Eye Disease Management, all Key Words. They also list the lenses. I don’t know about you, but we receive around 5 inquires a month about optical lenses. Many people forget the lens part, thinking they aren’t ‘spexy’ enough, or too hard to describe. The consumer is looking for options and don’t forget to tell them and ignore this important visual category. Now I would had added Mirrored Lenses, Custom Tints, AR coatings, Fog Free Coatings, Scratch Coat.. UV. We may think this is the norm, but remember, it’s not us about us, it is about the consumer and search.

Edge Optics- Products
Free Form, Transitions, Trivex, Polarized… Good Key Words

I really like this Product types, Sport Fun Frames, Fashion Sun Frames, Fashion Ophthalmic, Winter Goggles, Kids Goggles and even Doggles, GPs enabled Goggles, contact Lens Solutions… Ocular Vitamins.. All of the below are key words. I might have broken it up into sections: i.e. Sport Eyewear and Sunwear with the listing, Eyewear Accessories with listing, Technology Eyewear with listing, contact Lenses… It makes it easier to read.

Edge Optics Listing

The site is easy to load, read and navigate, always important and it showed up on page 1 of google. Something to think about when reevaluating your eyecare website.

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