Websites That Drive Me Crazy


Like most bloggers, we are on over 100 websites a day and continually look for interesting new ideas, viral news, trends and new products. With many companies that come and go, we often investigate the company to see if they are legit and still in business. As time has gone on there are a few things on both Websites and Facebook that drive me crazy and make me question whether or not the company is still viable.

I asked a few other people what drives them the craziest on websites and we all agreed on the same things:

The About Section

  • Who are you? How long have you been in business? Put when you have been established.
  • If you are giving a background bio and have staff, talk about your staff as well.
  • Give a compelling reason to come and and visit you. Tell us a story, give us a history, why you opened up..
  • What is your speciality? We love kids and have over 300 children’s eyeglasses and sunglasses to choose from… Our comprehensive eye exams include… we offer exclusive and unique eyewear… we have the largest sunglasses selection anywhere from glamour to sport performance...

Tell Us Where You Are: Location

  • We are located in Accident, Maryland next to the Sipping Coffee Cup , a landmark how easy it is to get to. Mention buses and trains. Put your Geo locator not just on your website. It should be on Social Media too.
  • Let people know you have parking or where to park.
  • If you are selling online and many are, do not be ashamed of your office location. If you are working out of a garage at lease put a city and state and contact information.

How Do We Get In Contact With You:

I think website owners assume that if someone is on their site and or Social Media page, they know who they are..Not True: You Need An Address, with a city, state and zip code along with country .

  • I don’t even want to tell you how buried contact information can be. Clicking and clicking to find this makes information is a pain in the butt.
  • Contact Information: You can call us here……. you can visit us here… leave us a message on Facebook.. Chat Now… or info (at)
  • A word about forms, while forms are a great deterrent against spam and viruses, make your forms easy to use.

Social Media Buttons

  • List your websites and all social media links and make sure the links work. I don’t even want to tell you how many sites I go on and the links including the website do not work. If you are not updating your social media, take it down, it looks bad .
  • Another thing: Do not have your social media button just leads to a LIKE button. When I click on a Facebook button, I want it to go the FB page, not a LIKE button. I don’t know if I LIKE you or if I can’t see the page and your offerings.
  • If you are not up dating your social media, take the button off. It is better not to have Facebook page than not to update it.



  • If you have disbanded your website and are only available via social media to make an appointment or shop online, put SHOP Here.. SHOP Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram with correct links. MAKE Appointment Here…
  • If you can shop online and in your brick and mortar location, make that clear on both the website and social media.

Update Your Website and Social Media

There are several things I check, copyright at bottom of page, last time the news or blog was updates and last entry on Facebook. Copyright at bottom of page can be changed, if you started a blog and didn’t keep it up it looks bad especially if it goes back years.  The combination of no updates via website and social media, does not lead a lasting impression in fact I assume the company is gone.

Last post date is 3 years old. Copyright is 2011.
Last post date is 3 years old. Copyright is 2011.

Manufacturer Links

I believe that you should list all the eyewear companies that you offer with an explanation of the company and the product. The list should be updated at least 2x per year.

I do not believe you should link back to the manufacture unless; they have no online retail presence. I don’t  understand why eyecare providers would link to a frame or a contact lens company that sells their product online or has retail locations that they can visit?

We all have things we like and dislike about websites and Social Media. What are yours?






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