Webinair Review On Blogging For Business


I attended the HubSpot Webinair on Blogging for business. Hopefully the eye doctor that also signed up had his questions answered because they did address whether an eye doctor should blog and is it worth it?

This was a question and answer webinair and they made brought up good points as to blogging for business:

  • Think about your business
  • Who are your customers?
  • What is it costing you to get new customers
  • How many visits can you convert into patients?
  • Is one blog post/ week worth 5 new customers.
  • Will blogging make you a leader in your community?
  • How will blogging impact on how you are perceived?

I recommend you watch the webinair here, takes about an hour.  (www.hubspot.com/webinars/blogging-for-business-with-social-fresh-thanks)

This is what I know about blogging:

  • Top Online retailers are blogging about eyecare products and setting up a blog will help you compete against them.
  • Blogging helps you in local search engines and a way to get more patients for about 1-2 hours per week of time.
  • Blogging helps to make your office a destination spot, makes your office more interesting.
  • Blogging will increase online sales. We have 3-5 consumers a week requesting products from us and we don’t even sell products online.

So should you blog? Listen to the webinair and feel free to make a comment and ask us any questions.

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