Walman Optical – New Optical Vision Site Sponsor


Walman Optical – New Optical Vision Site Sponsor is a headline to be proud of as this is an optical company we have admired for a long time and we are honored to have them as a sponsor. This is a company known as much for its values as its products. These core values are:

It is these values that we like to blog about and one of the main reasons why we are so happy to have Walman Optical our new Optical Vision Site sponsor. Many companies talk about core values but do not “walk the talk”, we know from our years of experience in the optical industry that this company does “walk the talk”. Many of you will know that if you have worked with them but you might not know the history so here it is:

Walman Optical® was founded in 1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Mr. J.A.L. Walman. Mr. Walman was an optometrist, optician and jeweler a fairly common combination of trades in those days. Mr. Walman brought the attention to quality and detail seen in fine jewelry to the world of eyewear. His standards were extremely high, not tolerating even the slightest blemish in a lens or frame. He even modified jewelry tools for use with frames and lenses. This concern for quality and detail became the foundation for the success and growth of the company.

Since then, Walman has grown to become the largest independent ophthalmic company in the United States with 2000 total sales of $135,000,000. While the company origin and headquarters are in Minnesota, Walman is now truly a national company with over 40 branch offices in 19 states. Best of all, Walman is owned by the employees of the company through the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Walman is not just an optical lab but also has many products and services including:

Rx Fabrication – Eyeglass Frames – Safety Eyewear – Contact Lenses – Instrumentation – Eyewear Accessories – ADO Buying Group – Education  Programs – Marketing Programs.

You may be familar with some of Walman’s brands. Here are a few examples:

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