Vision Insurance – End of Year Sales Opportunity


The end of the year is a great opportunity for eye-wear sales for at least two reasons. The first one is vision insurance as that is usually a calendar year benefit and the second opportunity is that is is gift giving season. Two totally difference opportunities that should be addressed right now as the end of the year is almost upon us. It is a tough economic climate right now so every sales opportunity should be addressed as once the year is gone, that opportunity is lost for ever and the next one like it will be 12 months away!

About half of all vision care consumers have vision insurance but a lot of these consumers will end the year without using it. Now is a good time to remind them to use it or loose it. Even better still, perhaps they can use up 2008 and see if 2009 insurance can provide dollars toward additional needs such as a second pair of computer glasses or prescription sunglasses.

Sometimes optical consumers are disappointed if they find out that their vision care insurance does not cover the total cost. Therefore it is usually good to assume right from the beginning that the insurance will be a supplement and present it this way. For example “Let’s see how much your vision insurance will pay towards the total cost of your eye exam and vision care needs”. This way it is presented as a positive rather than a negative. The optical consumer usually has a lot of respect for their optical provider and looks to them for advice and information. I remember reading some research information last year from Jobson which show Optical dispensers receiving a high rating from almost 80% of optical consumers concerning their purchase decisions.

For most optical consumers, buying eye-wear is a one stop process in that they usually purchases their eyeglasses at the same location that they have their eye exam.  Maybe their insurance only covers the eye exam but they are more likely to make a purchase if they have the eye exam.  Most optical consumers buy only one pair of eyeglasses at a time but they are more likely to buy a second pair if they can order them now but use next year’s insurance to supplement the cost.

How about eye-wear as a holiday gift? This is also a good time to remind optical consumers that eyewear makes for an excellent holiday gift. Just about everyone is affected by the tight economic climate we are in currently so there is a definite mood for thrift and less desire for spending money on something frivilous. Eyewear can be a fun and entertaining gift but at the same time be very useful. It is a way of stretching the gift budget by purchasing something that will be needed anyway especially if insurance dollars are used as well. Plano sunglasses are a great gift choice for contact lens wearers. Updating someones eye-wear can take years off a person, much more economical than expensive beauty procedures and a great gift for that person that needs an eye-wear makeover.

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