Vision Expo West Day 3 And Then Home


By Saturday, both Shirley and I were pretty tired! Friday nite was Optical Women, Dinner and EyeRock. Saturday, both of us ran around trying to get to everybody else before we caught our plane.

30 Second update: Live Eyewear has a great new green in the Cocoons, a trendier look, Jonathan Paul Eyewear has new products, Shirley saw them, I love the bling 1/2 eyes at Rons Optical, finally got to see the Flicklets in person. (Melissa’s shoes to be next week) Astucci has some beautiful fashion eyeglass accessories, Charlotte (Shirley’s niece accidently wore on of Frieze Frames home on the plane)

On the frame side, Retro still showing, color and temple decor are good to go, AA’s Quiksilver line looking good, Loved the Optylux plexiglass with engraved red roses, Todd Rogers was new at the show but didn’t bring is recycled paper eyewear, Emmanuel Khan is back with their super large and very 80’s look, liked it, Activist Eyewear made their first showing, Sutro with the patented 3-click hinge was showing I believe for the first time, Eyes of Faith was jammed, icoat introduced their 3D Eyewear, Von Zipper Boys were as crazy as ever, Vanni is introducing soy eyewear next year, Match Eyewear was busy, Marma Eyewear (new) was unusual, Parasite (I totally love) was great, MODO, going strong with eco line, Classique (Wescan) was busy and the Lisa Loeb eyewear collection is released but not at the show, met with Polaroid Eyewear , not exhibiting but keeping fingers crossed, for the first time got to met R and R Eyewear, they are always busy, Spoke with the Vision Web people, who were running classes and Zeal Optics who just released the first GPS goggle with all sort of whistles and bells.

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