Vision Expo East 2012 Hotel Nights and Swag Bag Winners


We had a fantastic response to our competition Win FREE Vision Expo Hotel Nights and Swag Bag. We received so many comments it was hard to pick a winner so we picked a couple of runner ups as well so that we can share more of  the swag!

Check out some of the gifts kindly provided by our very generous sponsors: A&A Optical, Charmant, ClearVision Optical, Hoya Vision, Live Eyewear, McGee Optical Group,Modern Optical, Ron’s Optical, Signet Armorlite, Switch Vision, Tura,Vision Web and VisionEase Lens.

Don’t worry “The cat is out of the bag”, he just wanted to pose! We will be presenting gifts at the ClearVision Booth on Saturday, March 24 at Vision Expo East 2012.

Here is the winning comment from optician Lori Braverman of Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center located in Lewiston, Maine:

“I have attended Vision Expo East every year for over a decade, I have taken many amazing continuing education courses with you while there. The course that impacted my life and the life of a specific patient of mine was a taught by Laurie Pierce, ABOM, “Thinking Outside of the Optical Toolbox”, several years ago. I had a patient that came to me with a disfigurement due to a horrific car accident she had been in 6 years previous. As a result of the accident she lost an eye and had a prosthetic eye made to replace it, however, the surgery left her with some scarring and her prosthetic eye was noticeably smaller and lower then her good eye, and the color was slightly different as well. Right after coming back from Vision Expo that year this woman came to me and she discussed in vivid detail how her life was changed as a result of her accident. Her self esteem was very low, she was very self conscience of her appearance to the point of becoming a shut in. We looked at a few frames with the thicker temple designs to hide her scarring. We played with prisms and added plus power lens to make her eyes look evenly placed and similar in size and with the right ARC the difference in eye color was much less noticeable. She was so blown away with her new eyewear and how it made her appear “normal”. If I had not had this course, I probably would have not known what to do to help her, but the impact that this one pair of glasses made on this person’s life was monumental. I have made several more pairs of glasses for her since, now that we have her “formula” down, and she comments each time she comes in about how I have given her, her life back and how grateful she was that I was willing to take the time to find a great solution for her. I love what I do as an optician, and every time I come back from Vision Expo I have several new pearls of wisdom to place into that optical toolbox!”


Claire Goldsmith MidPage


  1. Answers for contest:
    3 pavilions are, low vision, lenses and processing technology, and medical and scientific.
    325 hours of continuing education
    575 is the number of vendors, although it feel like a lot more when you are trying to hit all of them!!

    Kelly Metcalf
    Manteca Optometric Eye Care Center
    Manteca CA

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