Vintage Eyewear Lens Tints


There was a great piece just recently in the The Los Angeles Times – Made in the Lighter Shade by Adam Tschorn.

In this article about sunglasses and lens tints Adam Tschorn says; “thanks to the latest celebri-trend – custom-made, lightly tinted lenses in light neutrals or pale pops of color – sunglasses are no longer an accessory that looks cool at the beach or behind the wheel but affected indoors and elsewhere. It’s a subtle look, hard to notice at first. But once it’s brought to your attention, tinting can be seen everywhere. Vintage-inspired blue, green and rose washes are among the most popular.”

I was talking to Marc Afram, owner of Best Image Optical,  at a meeting earlier this year about this very subject and how the trend to vintage eyewear isn’t just about the eyeglass  frames but the lenses as well. It is important to get the right color lens otherwise the frame looks “wrong”.

We thought it would be a good idea to do look at some pictures and see what the lens tints should be:

For the John Lennon frame, I always thought it was a rose color tint but this picture is definitely amber! The John Lennon frame is available from Victory Optical’s Eagle Eyewear division.

John Lennon - photo from May Pang

Johnny Depp likes the blue/violet tint from the 1950’s which we see Robert Downey Jr in too! They both look good. Here is Johnny Depp with a very light violet tint. Get this look with Dolabany style Arnold eyeglass frames.

Johnny Depp - Light violet tint lenses

Green tinted lenses is the color for WWII aviator sunglass styles. I just saw this vintage Montgontomery Ward 1946 sunglass catalog pix on Modern Eye’s Facebook page. Look at the greens.

Montgomery Ward Sunglass Catalog 1946

Show your vintage eyeglass frames with vintage tinted lenses as well as a few celeb images and show off your eyewear expertise! You can also check out our Vintage Eyewear Boards on Pinterest.



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