Venus Williams Fourth Olympics Despite Sjogren’s


Congratulations to Venus Williams on her Doubles Wimbledon Championship 2012 win along with her sister Serena. It was hard seeing Venus earlier singles match as she was obviously suffering from the effects of Sjögren’s syndrome, listless and fatigued but WOW she came back fighting to win the doubles.

Venus Williams Today Show 7.10.12

Venus was interviewed by The Today Show this week and she talked about her battle with Sjögren’s syndrome. She says has changed her diet, lots of juicing, wheat-grass etc. We assume that she is also supplementing her diet with products likeTheraLife’s Eye- Autoimmune- for Sjogren’s Syndrome- Dry Eye/Dry Mouth Relief. It works by the intracellular stimulation of tear and salivary glands and regulates the immune system to reduce flares.

The Theralife Eye-Autoimmune Formula is fortified with:

  • Immunomodulators – to help modulate and normalize the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatories – to reduce irritation and inflammation of the tear, salivary glands, eye surface, eyelids, and joints
  • Anti-fatigue agents – to stimulate circulation and boost energy

Sjögren’s syndrome was first described in 1933 by Swedish eye specialist Henrik Sjögren. The condition causes antibodies to attack the body’s moisture-producing glands, leading to dryness on the body due to lack of secretion. The illness most commonly affects the eyes, mouth, salivary glands, lungs, kidneys, skin and nervous system but all organs of the body can be affected.

We wish Venus the best of luck in the Olympics she is the first tennis player ever to play in four Olympic games!


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