Vaunt Launch – Intel’s New Smartglass

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Intel is joining in on the rush to create usable smartglasses. The new Intel Vaunt, as reported today by the technology website, The Verge, has been launched as a revolutionary new product, as remarkable for what was not included as what has been included. The is no camera. There are no speakers. There is no microphone. Yet.

Unlike the now-defunct Google Glass that stood out in any crowd, the plastic Vaunt eyeglasses are styled in a very traditional horn rimmed shape, are virtually indistinguishable from most frames at first glance. They weigh a paltry 50 grams and the electronic guys are contained within the temple.

The glasses work by providing a heads up display consisting of a red monochrome 400×150 laser image that is reflected directly back to your retina. We are not talking a laser of PRK or Lasik power, but instead a class one laser of such low power that Intel says it needn’t be certified. Unlike the Google Glass as well, the new Vaunt will require precise measurements eye care professionals are so used to working with, such as Pupil Distance for optimum performance.

While this is a very early version of the Vaunt, as apps are produced for the glasses, expect them to work with digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa someday. Since the glasses are tied to your phone via Bluetooth, early use expectation will be things such as recipes in the kitchen, text or news message alerts that now appear on your phone or smartwatch, and alarms such as for parking or sunscreen.

The Vaunt is not available to consumers, but if your customers are as tech savvy as some of the ECP’s I work with, we can all expect a few phone calls about them in the coming days and weeks.

Special thank you to Dieter Bohn and the folks at The Verge.

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