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Eye Hat You Board

First, you do not have to be on Pinterest to use it as a resource. You can access almost anyone’s boards at any time. Personally, I love Pinterest and have found it to be a valuable tool for information and trends and I feel that it is a good tool for our readers to use as a resource.. But I realized that once you get to 400-500 Pins on a board, you can’t go beyond it and all the early pins are lost.

Ergo, we are in the process of re-doing our boards into smaller ‘categories’ that only go up to 500 images. It means more boards, but I felt it could be a better  focussed resource.  Note: Pay special caution to images that might be copyrighted (celebrities and art) and there is some overlapping.

Pinterest Board Updates:

Several people on the forums have asked where to get good vintage images. We have separated ours out by decades. Each decade  (except 1960) include celebrities, vintage advertising with eyewear, vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses, vintage lenses, Runway sunwear etc.

Eyeball and Eyewear clothing and accessories are amusing, engaging and people want to wear.

  • Eye Garbbing– (Eye Grabbing) (new board) Vintage, Shoes, Towels, Ties, Purses, Jackets, T’s, stockings, socks etc. that have eyeglasses, eyeballs or optical.
  • Eye Hat You, Only has to do with hats and eyewear. Lots of Vintage on that board.
  • Eye Charts (new) which is Eye Chart Decor, Includes new and vintage and Accessories.
  • Sassy Shoes (old board) which have all the eyeglass and eyeball shoes.

Visual merchandising is so important to sell through and adding excitement to a store. We have divided out our Merchandising into several categories as Visual Merchandising includes everything from external marketing (signage, windows, advertising) to internal marketing, (decor, business cards, branding)

  • Visual Merchandising- Primarily interiors and optical shop design, vintage signage (which will eventually become separate) Pop up Store ideas and a few more.

    Sassy Shoes
    Sassy Shoes
  • Merchandising- Optical Decor– (New) These are furnishing that have an optical theme from eyewear desks to eyeball lights, to rugs, pillows and more, shower curtains and more.
  • Eye Got Time (New) overlaps with Merchandising Optical Decor, and Eye-Garbbing.  this board is only about Eyewear, Eyeball and Optical x time, clocks and watches.
  • Merchandising- Eyewear Displays (New) Small displays and Window Display Ideas. Most are from Eyecare offices but we have included other windows for general ideas. You can also check out our boards, Halloween, Christmas and 4th of July for Seasonal Displays.
  • Bespectacled Branding (New) Need some ideas on building your brand? Logo? Stationary. Just a few eye-deas.
  • Eye Art- Primarily posters of Eyes and Eyewear. New and Vintage Art
  • Eye Art II- (New) Comprises of Sculptural art pieces, some new and some vintage of eyewear and eyes.
  • Mosaics (New) Artistic Eyes and Eyewear Mosaics.
  • Eyes on The Street- (New) Street Art, with eyeglasses, sunglasses and eyes. Includes graffitti and sculptures.

Looking for Quotes? 

  • We just changed our quotes to As Eye Was Saying– which include quotes about eyeglasses, vision or have eyeglasses or eyeballs on the sign. Quotes are good for Twitter, Facebook and Goggle+

Eye And Health Infographics 

  • We pulled out all of our  Eye and Health Infographics  (New) made them into 1 board. Infographics are great on Facebook and if you blog.

We have many boards (130+) All are good resources that you can either re-pin or use as a resource.

Check them out and let us know, if you are interested in anything in particular.


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  1. We at Optylux love Pinterest, not only to showcase our eyewear trends, but to share information with others in the eyewear and fashion industry. It’s also so handy as a “file cabinet” of go-to articles and other resources when you need to refer to them!

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