Tuesday Tip: Think 5


Tuesday Tip is think $5.00. Everyday for the next 2 weeks:

Every person that comes in the office try to add on $5.00 to the sale. A retainer, a lens cleaner, eye glass case, magnifiers, repair kits.

Hilco: 2-in-1 Pocket Key Chain Screwdriver Retail around $4.00

Try putting together a large basket and leave by the reception desk, write $5.00, and fill it with colorful goodies. Who will be able to resist.

Visor Clips are around $4.00 Retail -Rons Optical

People like to dig through bargins.

Contact Lens Cases From $3.00

What will happen over the next 2 weeks, you will develop a habit to ask for the little extras, that your patients are already buying elsewhere. Why not let them get it from you!

Claire Goldsmith MidPage


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