Try It.. You’ll Like It

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Finally!  The fourth stage of the buying cycle is when the purchaser actually tries you product.  Mind you, they have not committed to you, they are merely trying you out to see if everything they have learned about you is true.

We have gone through the first three stages of knowing, liking, trusting and now they are sampling the product.  This is the first real “Moment of Truth” that your company will have with the prospect.  The “Moment of Truth” is when everything that is presented to the prospect via all the resources available to them, meets up with the actual engagement with your company.  Do you live up to your webrutation?  Does the experience others describe about doing business with your company live up to the experience I am having real time?

The “try” phase can be a make or break phase in a prospects life.  You are going to be evaluated in every way imaginable.  From the first phone call into your customer service department all the way through the delivery and inspection of your work, is fair game.  After all, the expectation of what they will find and experience is already set in their minds based on research, opinion, and recommendations given to them by others.  Now, you MUST make it mission critical to not disappoint or let down your customer or yourself.

What makes the “try” phase to critical is context.  They have no real history with you so they don’t know what “normal” business is like with your company.  More importantly, you have a GREAT opportunity to WOW! them with extraordinary experiences or outstanding services.  When you have built up a personal reputation with your client and have earned their trust, they will begin to bring you into the next phase of the process; buying.

Guest Post by: Mike Karlsrud is an optical professional who “makes brands come alive” for optical practices nationwide.  He is owner of and

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