Trispecs Making Debut at Vision Expo Las Vegas


All you techno fans visiting Vision Expo later this month should go and check out Trispecs in the Galleria #G22018. We did a post on this new blue tooth eyewear product back in January, Blue Tooth Sunglasses. Now you can see them in person as the company is launching this exciting new product at Vision Expo West. They are in the process of assembling an optical sales force now that new funding is available.

Trispecs can make hands free phone use and listening to music simple and easy. Look stylish too!

Sofia Milos of CSI Miami courtesy of

I like that these combine new technology with fashion as well. I want to check out the Trispecs with Swarovski crystals. All of the frames are Rx/prescription compatable which makes them a great new product for our industry and just the kind of technology boost that the Optical Industry needs! The product has good reviews on several techno/gadget sites.

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  1. This product is simply amazing. I am so hooked, it’s not even funny. Most good labs can handle the RX-6 BC. In fact I liked it so much, I’m helping them set up distribution-retailers and a sales force along with some amazing displays. So if anyone is interested, please be in touch.

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