Trashy Eyecare Offices


I absolutely love this. Talk about a Destination Eyecare Office? Check out Terracycle’s Office who has creatively up- cycled trash into a cool, unique and trash look. Think about how many of your patients would want to come in and check out your new- reused look

TerraCycle,  specializes in making new products from hard-to-recycle waste, from used corks to cookie bags. It’s only fitting that its own office is upcycled, too. Check out photos from our tour of its Trenton, N.J. facility. (Source

Lobby: Wall Made of Candy Wrappers, Upcycled furniture, Turf floor. Photo: Amanda Wills, Earth911
Walls are made from recycled panels from the 1900s. Photo: Amanda Wills, Earth911
Clear plastic bottles to form its conference room. Photo: Amanda Wills, Earth911

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Source Earth 911

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