Transitions® Viewer™ Emulates the Experience of Wearing Transitions® Lenses


Tranisions- HomeMobile_Resized_ViewerTransitions® ViewerTM, a new virtual demonstration tool developed by Transitions Optical, Inc., is now available to help demonstrate the function and benefits of the Transitions® family of everyday lenses.
Available online,, the tool can be accessed from a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device allowing for pre-appointment and in-office product education. Using 360×180 panorama images, Transitions Viewer immerses users in the experience of wearing Transitions lenses, allowing them to see how the lenses change and enhance vision in different real-world scenes, and how the lenses look on the person wearing them.

“The virtual demonstration tool is easy to use, and explains the benefits of wearing Transitions lenses and how they work,” said Sherianne James, director North American marketing, Transitions Optical. “Testing shows that Transitions Viewer not only creates a deeper product understanding, it motivates consumers to want to learn more, driving them to visit their eyecare professional.”

Showcasing the entire Transitions family of everyday lenses, Transitions Viewer is not only a useful demonstration tool for patients who are unfamiliar with adaptive lenses, but also current and past wearers of Transitions lenses. A “Help me decide” features allows users to prioritize the photochromic lens benefits that are most important to them, such as “reduce eyestrain from indoor lighting” or “darken while in the car,” to find out which adaptive lens is the best fit for their lifestyle. Learning about the Transitions family of product before they visit their eyecare professional will help make consumers more likely to ask about the Transitions lenses that are right for them.

“Optometrists and opticians have already told us how useful they see this type of demonstration being for their patients and their practice,” added James. “It builds on the opportunity the industry has to grow their businesses with the Transitions family of products.”

A new counter card is available on to encourage patients to visit Transitions Viewer during their office visit to discover which Transitions lenses fit their life.

Since Transitions Optical, headquartered in Pinellas Park, Fla., was founded more than 20 years ago, the company has been driven by an innovative spirit and a commitment to partnership. As the leading provider of photochromics to optical manufacturers, Transitions Optical offers state-of-the-art light management technology in virtually every major lens design and material encompassing a family of everyday adaptive lenses and performance sun lenses.

Everyday lens options include Transitions® Signature™ lenses, the most responsive lens with full indoor clarity; Transitions® XTRActive® lenses which provide more activation for extra protection; and the revolutionary Transitions® Vantage™ lenses, the first and only photochromic lenses to darken and polarize outdoors for even crisper sharper vision.

The Transitions® adaptive sunglass line includes a range of products customized in partnership with other best-in-class brands. These products are all designed to provide a visual advantage by increasing contrast, sharpening colors, reducing glare and improving distance and depth perception.

Transitions Optical is dedicated to promoting healthy sight worldwide and to supporting its partners and optical professionals with tools, programs and resources to aid in their individual efforts and help strengthen industry growth. For more information, visit, or contact Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506 (United States) or (877) 254-2590 (Canada).

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